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The third book in B. V. Larson’s Rebel Fleet series.

The Imperials have devised a cunning new method of destroying Rebel worlds.

Captain Leo Blake is largely responsible for both our survival and our current predicament. He and his crew are infamous among the stars. As a result, when ships of an unknown configuration begin flowing out of swirling rifts above Earth, Blake is called upon again to deal with the problem.

But the approaching fleet isn’t what it seems. They’re employing an entirely new way to exterminate Rebels. They will accept nothing less than conquering Earth—or better yet, destroying all life on our planet.

*     *     *      *      *

Reader Praise for the Rebelt Fleet series:

“A classic Larson novel, set in a detailed environment with an uncertain atmosphere. If you enjoy his other works, this won’t disappoint.”

“Hard to put down, perfect for a all night read.”

“It’s like a cliffhanger that just never ended. The pace is fast and not one to induce and kind of boredom. If you’re on a pacemaker, don’t buy this book.”

“I really like the character of Leo Blake – he’s savvy, smart and underneath the manipulative exterior, [he] is a guy who does care about the people around him. You might say, it is his ability to manipulate events and people around him, which helps him and his fellow humans survive the rigours of being a part of the Rebel Fleet as they face off against the much stronger Imperial Fleet.”

*     *     *      *      *

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  • deuce says:

    I have to ruefully admit that I haven’t read anything from Larson. These books do sound fun.

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