JUST RELEASED: Astounding Frontiers Magazine Issue #1!

Monday , 17, July 2017 1 Comment

The broader pulp and pulp-adjacent scene continues to grow! First there was Cirsova Magazine. Then Puppy of the Month Book Club,  Lyonesse, Bryce Beattie’s Story Hack, and PulpRev.com.

Now there’s Astounding Frontiers. This opening issue has brought out the big guns with serials from Castalia House regulars Nick Cole and John C. Wright. And if you wanted to see how much action Declan Finn can cram into an ultra-lean short story, now’s your chance. But the first class treatment of pulpy pedal-t0-the-metal adventure does not mean that the the Campbellian baby has been thrown out with the Hard Science Fiction bathwater. Astrophysicist Sarah Salviander has a piece here that delves into a possible way to sidestep the laws of thermodynamics.

And the best thing about all this? If you want to try something new or check out an author you’ve never read before, the editors have tried to make sure that you never out more than ten minutes or so with any given entry.

The ebook costs a mere three bucks– less than most people spend on their fancy coffee drinks. So check it out! And for more info on the people behind this and why it’s happening, check out the launch party on the latest Superversive Roundtable!

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  • Kevyn Winkless says:

    Exciting to see new venues emerging! There are some good venues out there already, but there’s so much space to explore in short formats, and the skills needed for strong short form writing are demanding – the more spaces in which writers can sharpen their skills the better!

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