JUST RELEASED: Crazy Horses by David J. West

Tuesday , 9, May 2017 3 Comments

A kidnapped girl. A desperate father. A murderous slaver bound for old Mexico. And a certain untouchable gunslinger. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Infamous gunslinger, Porter Rockwell made a blood oath with the Ute War Chief, Redbone, to help him no matter what. Now that the Chief’s daughter has been kidnapped by the desperado Matamoros, and that favor is getting called in at a most inopportune time. Of course, Porter’s closest friends–buffalo soldier Quincy Cuthbert Jackson and card sharp Roxy LeJuene–are coming along too. Too late, they learn that chasing down the kidnapper is only the beginning of a deadly path.

As they follow the Old Spanish Trail, secrets threaten to tear the rescuer’s bond apart and an unexpected stowaway increases the danger. Clues to a more sinister plot quickly unfold, and dark native magics breath terrible spells over their mission. Can Porter and his friends resolve their differences and save the girl or will they sacrifice more than life somewhere along the dark trail?

Crazy Horses is a Western with colorful characters and wit straight out of an Eastwood flick. If you like strong, admirable heroes, surprising action and eerie weird Westerns, then you’ll love the second book in David J. West’s Porter Rockwell series.

Buy Crazy Horses to ride the trail today!

  • deuce says:

    Sounds good! West is a talented author who keeps improving.

  • Jay Barnson says:

    Bought it! The last book had tons of action, plenty of humor, and a hint of supernatural… all great stuff.

    My introduction to West’s version of Porter Rockwell was in Cold Slither (I think), in a short story that had him doing battle against a legion of devils cast off into tumbleweeds. That was all kinds of fun.

  • Gaiseric says:

    Any relation to the actual historical Porter Rockwell, or is that just a coincidence?

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