JUST RELEASED: Dark Space Universe: The Enemy Within

Saturday , 19, August 2017 2 Comments

The second volume of Jasper T. Scott’s DARK SPACE UNIVERSE

They left searching for answers from the cosmos and found an evil as old as time,

Lucien, Garek, Addy, and Brak are all that’s left of the Inquisitor’s crew. Eight years ago they left the Etherian Empire aboard the Astralis with three hundred million scientists to learn the true nature of the universe, but now Astralis is surrounded by a hostile race of alien slavers, called the Faros, while the Inquisitor’s crew has been forced to abandon ship and flee to parts unknown.

Lucien and his crew are trying to find a way to rescue their people, but they don’t have a ship, and they don’t even know where to look, let alone how to fight back against a seemingly innumerable and invincible foe.

Meanwhile, Abaddon, the leader of the Faros invaded Astralis for a reason. He has a plan, and it’s time to execute it–along with everyone who stands in his way.

*     *     *     *     *

Reader Praise for Dark Space Universe:

“If you haven’t read the first novel, you really need to start there. He blends religion, ethics, cloning and far reaching tech concepts into a novel with a plot that keeps twisting right up to the end. He has an ability to create a very dark setting that leaves you hoping the best for the characters as you turn each page. My only frustration is that I now have to wait for the next novel.”

“This book is an interesting melange of science fiction, religion, science and philosophy.”

“If i had to find any fault it would be that there is no place to stop. This book flows from action to action with surprise after surprise.”

*     *     *     *     *

Start the adventure of the Astralis from the beginning with Dark Space Universe:

  • CarpeOro says:

    Strings needing corrections for Young Man’s War:

    Let’s hope if can retain that enthusiasm
    ,and Howard wanted the weapons sighed at the
    At east, gentleman

    Great story, but definite case of spell-check not being up to edit. There were at least 3 edits required in the second chapter alone, but I didn’t have access to record them.

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