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Wednesday , 1, November 2017 2 Comments

I am very happy see this hit Amazon.

In the first place, there are a bunch of names familiar to the book blogging and pulp twitter scene there that I’ve either been hoping would eventually set pen to paper or else that I’ve already read novel length works by and really want more.

Inside you’ll find a concise note from the editor explaining why this is happening:

Nowadays paper is cheaper and pixels cheaper still, and through the magic of the online archive, more works of these pulp masters are coming to daylight. The reader’s first reaction is “I want to read more.” The readers second reaction is “I want to write this kind of thing.” The readers third reaction, while knee-deep in the kind of story they always dreamed of, but until now never could conceive, is “I’ve been lied to.”

Wow, that really happened. And it’s still happening.

And now something else is happening: an entire wave of people that had experiences like that have figured out that they can be surprisingly prolific if they just buckle down and get to work.

I believe that this phenomenon is a very big deal. Because if you change what people read, you change what they can imagine. And if you change what they can imagine, you change what they write. And if you change what is written, you can actually change who is reading.

In this case ,it will be the very large group of people that quietly walked away from fantasy and science fiction because they assumed that for whatever reason, no one would ever write like Robert E. Howard or C. L. Moore did ever again. Slowly but surely, they’re getting the very pleasant surprise that they were mistaken.

And something that seemed impossible even five years ago is now a reality.

So pop some popcorn and kick back with this or any of the works by these authors. This is going to be good!

  • deuce says:

    Right on. Props to all the stalwarts at PulpRev.com.

  • And I…very happy to see a cover I did on the Castalia House Blog on a Jeffro post to boot! Thanks for the kind words and many more thanks to those who made it happen.

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