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JUST RELEASED: Six Expressions of Death by Mojo Mori –

JUST RELEASED: Six Expressions of Death by Mojo Mori

Monday , 27, February 2017 4 Comments

When an unknown man is shot, then stabbed to death on the road between Morijuku and the village of Iwagi, it is natural to assume that he fell victim to bandits preying on travelers passing through the Kiso Mountains. But when Daikawa Tadashi, a samurai from a poor, but ancient noble house, encounters the body, he realizes that there is likely more to the tale than a simple robbery.

And when Tadashi’s attempt to dutifully report the murder to one of his daimyo’s lieutenants unexpectedly results in a second murder, he finds himself, and worse, his lover, ensnared in a dangerous web of deceit and death. For clan war looms over the mountains, the Tiger of Kai, the lord of the Takeda, is on the prowl, and shinobi stalk the shadows of the night.

SIX EXPRESSIONS OF DEATH is Mojo Mori’s debut novel. A historical murder mystery set in a mystical version of 16th century Japan, it is a unique and enthralling tale.

  • deuce says:

    This looks good. Love the cover!

  • Moses Lambert says:

    Why is the “free” Red King only available in ePub? I’ve never been able to get those open with anything – why not PDF or DOC or MOBI?

  • Scott Cole says:

    Just bought this one. Didn’t know it was coming out, don’t know Mojo Mori but I have a feeling it will be good and I’ll want to review.

  • Pawel Martin says:

    First of all, thank you for such long excerpts at Amazon. Do not change that! I have read the entire sample and bought the ebook immediately.

    Secondly, I am really curious who the author is. Is this a pen name? Regardless, the writing is superb. It really transports you to the medieval Japan.

    Thirdly, I’m gonna echo Moses here… I already have “Red King”, but in the future it would be really nice to have the free books avaialble in Kindle format.

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