JUST RELEASED: The Arkhe Principle

Friday , 13, October 2017 Leave a comment

Above the level of human understanding, the Arkhe is ever watchful. Waiting. Its near infinite power bleeds into the core of reality itself, changing the quantum fabric of the universe itself. Humanity’s greatest achievement is free.

When Captain John Edward Rex, a former member of an elite military unit, enters the civilian world, he finds himself trapped in a nightmare world of deceit and violence. Arkhe has targeted him as a pawn, and if he doesn’t break free, his sanity and existence will be annihilated.

Arkhe will stop at nothing to ensure its survival. But it has found others whose fates must also be arranged. Rex’s existence is inexorably tied in with the others, but can he break free and choose his own path or will he be just another fly entangled in Arkhe’s web of total domination?

The Arkhe Principle is a far-future, apocalyptic adult technothriller that deals with themes of nationalism, post-humanism and advances in the artificial intelligence that challenges what it means to be human.

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