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Thursday , 12, October 2017 1 Comment

The Chemical Mage is Book 1 of the Tegression Trilogy, a new series of hard science fiction thrillers spiced with supernatural horror. New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Felix R. Savage delivers non-stop action and startling plot twists in an adventure that races from the Kuiper Belt to Betelgeuse … and into the creepy depths of the unknown.

*     *     *      *      *

We thought there was no magic in space. Big mistake.

The nightmare began with a massacre on a remote colony planet.

Now we’re fighting for our lives against the mysterious Ghosts, an army of ragged, shadowy horrors … innumerable, unstoppable. The heroic defensive actions of the Navy fail to turn the tide. Earth itself is in danger of falling when a disgraced gunship pilot, Colm Mackenzie, stumbles on a clue to the mystery of the Ghosts. The key is buried in his own past …

With the clock running out on humanity’s survival, it’s up to Colm to unravel the Ghosts’ ruthless vendetta against us. What he discovers will change the course of the war, and could alter the future of the galaxy.

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  • jic says:

    “hard science fiction thrillers spiced with supernatural horror”

    Ooh, that’ll annoy all the right people…

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