JUST RELEASED: The Golden Horde

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The fourth horseman of the Revelations Cycle rides forth!

The slaughter is on! Across the galaxy, Human mercenaries are being ambushed, and an ever-increasing number of companies aren’t returning from their contracts. Someone even appears to be plotting the demise of the premier Four Horsemen companies, and disaster for the other three companies has only been averted by the narrowest of margins.

Sansar Enkh, the president of The Golden Horde, knows her company is likely to be next, but has no idea who is behind the attacks, or when they will strike her beloved Horde. Acting on a prophesy from her dying mother, she knows her only chance is to take the company off-world to draw out the phantom enemy.

The Horde is being scouted and an attack is imminent. As the Revelations Cycle draws to a close, will Sansar be able to figure out who is behind the attacks in time to save Earth’s mercenary companies from the horrific fate waiting from them? The fourth horseman is in play, and time is running out to save the Earth and everyone on it!

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Reader Praise for the Revelations Cycle

“This is a masterfully crafted, action packed story that is pure excitement and an adrenaline loaded page turner.”

“This is the kind of book that makes me want to get into that suit, load onto a drop ship, and head to a planet. What could be better really? Books like this made me want science and engineering to open up new doors for human exploration and adventure. I’m glad to find that feeling again.”

“Fast paced, extraterrestrial villains you love to hate, military sci-fi with armored suits. What’s not to love about this book?”

“If you want the taste of adventure and mercenaries (and more!) then this is the thing for you.”

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