JUST RELEASED: The Ibarra Sanction

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Once, the Ibarras saved Earth and all of humanity from utter destruction. Now they are fugitives and traitors hunted by the Terran Union’s mightiest warriors.

After fleeing with a stolen armada, the Ibarra family have finally emerged from hiding and are scouring the galaxy for an ancient alien legacy, destroying any who get in their way.

For armor soldier Roland Shaw, the call to put down the Ibarra mutiny is a bitter task as he and the Iron Dragoons come face to face with the Ibarras in order to discover if they are truly their friends or their most deadly foe.

THE IBARRA SANCTION is the second book in Richard Fox’s Terran Armor Corps series, a military sci-fi space opera and sequel to the 2017 Dragon Award Nominated novel, IRON DRAGOONS.

Read this action packed novel and brace yourself for the revelations that will change Roland’s world forever!

*     *     *      *      *

Reader Praise for the Terran Armor Corps:

“Great character development. The author shows us the best of what we can be. Can’t wait for the next one on the series.”

“If you love any kind of space opera or military sci fi from the golden years or even classics like Babylon 5, this whole thing is like coming back home, finding a beloved easy chair and just letting the story carry you away. Quality.”

“This is the kind of story line the sucks you in and doesn’t let you breathe before it’s over.”

*     *     *      *      *

“I am Armor. I am Fury. I Will not Fail.” The adventures of the Terran Armor Corps start here:

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