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Explore the seventh book in Vaughn Heppner’s Lost Starship series.

It finally happened. Commander Thrax Ti Ix created a hyper-spatial tube for the Swarm Imperium. Across thousands of light-years, a vast armada of warships is heading for Earth to burn the homeworld down to its bedrock as the Swarm begins its genocidal campaign against the human race.

No one—not the New Men, the Spacers, the Wahhabi Caliphate or Star Watch—has faced such staggering odds. Alone or united, it makes no difference.

Captain Maddox has a last-ditch plan. He’s returning to the null region of last voyage to grab the ancient Destroyers hidden there. But an immortal entity of evil cunning haunts the vessels. If it escapes its prison…Maddox will have made things infinitely worse.

This time, mankind needs a miracle.

*     *     *      *      *

Reader praise for the Lost Starship series:

“This Sci Fi Thriller is an easy read, fun and takes you away on a voyage with impossible odds. I am now reading the second book The Lost Command with the same joy as the first.”

“This would make a terrific SciFi Channel series.”

“Heppner’s kind of the Karl Malone of the sci-fi section, the Mailman. He delivers.”

“For anyone looking for a fun, and somewhat suspenseful / intriguing story with characters you can root for, then this is a strong book series for consideration.”

“Start the Lost Starship series from the beginning; watching the webs of intrigue grow is a delight.”

*     *     *      *      *

Start at the beginning of Captain Maddox’s adventures with The Lost Starship!

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