JUST RELEASED: Torchship Captain by Karl K. Gallagher

Friday , 8, September 2017 1 Comment

Conclusion of the Torchship Trilogy

Michigan Long blackmailed her enemies into joining the war against the AIs. Now the secret she used is leaking out and the Fusion is shattering. Caught in the middle of a civil war, she will have to use any weapon that comes to hand—her wits, her ship, her mate.

One Comment
  • I liked all three books and am now rereading the first. A few minor comments:

    Is “too merciless to bear” lifted from “Hymn to Breaking Strain”?

    Are the sockpuppets in the Fusion inspired by the NPC’s in WoW, which serve the same function in a less subtle way?

    In any case, good books–extraordinarily good for a new author.

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