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Mark Kern on Geek Gab Game Night! –

Mark Kern on Geek Gab Game Night!

Sunday , 30, July 2017 1 Comment

Mark Kern is one of the biggest names in video game design. But in this latest episode of Geek Gab Game Night, you’ll hear him cover all kinds of gaming ground:

  • He talks about the appeal of Classic Traveller, how new the concept of rpgs was in his scene, how enamored he was with the space craft, how rare rpgs were in southeast Asia at the time….
  • He discusses his search for a tabletop space rpg that addresses his desire to have multiple players each in their on spaceship.
  • He sings the praises of classic science fiction artist Chris Foss.
  • He explains the setting background of his Ember game.
  • Dorrinal and Daddy Warpig explain the key points of the Old School Revival to him… and even name drop the all new fourth wave of the OSR. (Mark Kern then calls it the “OG-R” later on– and man, that’s a movement I’d love to get in on!!!)
  • Mark even divulges the secrets of his own game mastering style. (“Is there a rule for this or do we make one up on the spot?”)

Note that this sort of conversation was something I really wanted to see happen over a year ago, so it’s really awesome to see this thread picked up again here. (There were a couple points were I just started screaming “CAR WARS” at the laptop, but I got through it.)

So don’t miss this one! It’s one of the best conversations about space gaming and tabletop game design on the internet!

One Comment
  • Bigby's Typing Hands says:

    While not a great game, Ken St Andre authored an RPG called Starfaring about a year before Traveller came out that featured all players having starships. Seems he was always ahead of the curve.

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