Max Kolbe and Brian Niemeier on Ideological Atheism & Science Fiction

Friday , 22, September 2017 4 Comments

This is positively mind blowing:

“The Science Fiction Age, as we have known it during the past few years, is over. Definitely over and done with. Dead, gentlemen, of intellectual bankruptcy.”

That’s John B. Michel in 1937. 1937!

If you came away from QuQu and Dan Wolfgang’s The Ideological Conquest of Science Fiction Literature wanting to know more about what happened and when and why… then you won’t want to miss Max Kolbe and Brian Niemeier as they delve into this further.

Great show here. Check it out!

  • Nathan says:

    The Michel manifesto echoing today’s “Gamers are dead” type screeds was particularly enlightening. That both originated in the convention crowd should be a warning.

  • You’re too modest, Jeffro. Max told me what blew his mind the most was realizing that the vast majority of the books in Gygax’s Appendix N were a) non-Campbellian and b) took Christianity–or some form of spirituality–for granted. You’re redpilling Silver Age fans, brother!

  • Fantastic show. I’m one of those “libertarian atheists” who has nevertheless written positive portrayals of religious folk. In my youth I was a fire-breathing Randian but even if my views hadn’t softened I have realized that the enemy of my enemy — that is, anyone who opposes the SJW fanatics — is my ally.

  • Forgot to give kudos for mentioning L’Engle, one of my childhood favorites. She was rejected by both the militant materialists in mainstream publishing and the doctrinally pure Protestants who dominate Christian publishing.

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