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Men’s Adventure Quarterly No. 9 –

Men’s Adventure Quarterly No. 9

Sunday , 24, March 2024 1 Comment

Crocodilans: Alligators, crocodiles, gharials, caimans. When I was a kid, alligators and crocodiles were among my favorite animals. The were the closest thing today to a dinosaur.

The crocodile order emerged from the archosaurs 250 million years ago as the pseudosuchians. The pseudosuchians were dominant that they kept the dinosaurs (another branch from the archosaurs) from the top-spot until the end of the Triassic Period. Crocodiles somehow made it through the K-T extinction event 66 million years ago and were apex predators in subsequent times and places.

Bob Deis and Bill Cunningham have put together another great issue of Men’s Adventure Quarterly. No. 9 is a “Croc Attack” theme.


Title Author
Editorial Bob Deis
Intro to “The Avenging Crocodile Bob Deis
The Avenging Crocodile Brian O’Brien
Intro to “Give Me Back My Arm” Roy Baker
Mort Kunstler Civil War Art Bob Deis
Gator Ground Robert Edmond Alter
Men’s Adventure Down Under Andrew Nette
Doug Rosa Art Pictorial Bob Deis
My Bloody Battle With a Croc Bill Gentry
Intro to “Curse of the Crocodile” Bob Deis
Curse of the Crocodile Doug Stock
Crocodile Cults Bob Deis
Blood for the Crocodiles Alan Goodall-Smith
The Women of the Astounding She Monster Pictorial
Intro to “Death Duel With a Croc” Bob Deis
My Hand-To-Jaw Death Duel with a Croc Leon Lazarus
What a Croc!: Pulp Genre Cinema John Harrison
Intro to “Worst Horror Story of WW2” Bob Deis
The Worst Horror Story of WW2 Sal Principe
How the Sausage is Made Bill Cunningham
Intro to “Monster Crocodiles” Bob Deis
We Fought the Monster Crocodiles Frank S. Forrest
Croc Attack! A Gallery of Gator Goodness Pictorial

The contents range from “true stories as told to,” fiction stories, and actual events. This issue is filled with men’s adventure magazine cover and interior illustrations. As per usual, the prose pieces are short and action filled. There are stories set in Africa, Burma, Jamaica, and British Guiana.

A treat for me was the inclusion of a story by Robert Edmond Alter. Alter was one of the last great magazine fiction generalists. His specialty was sea creature stories though he wrote crime, thrillers, historical, spy fiction etc. I am still amazed some paperback collections of stories from Adventure and Argosy weren’t rushed out in the wake of the success of Jaws. He covered the ground first that made Peter Benchley famous.

Format is 8.5 x 11 inches, perfect bound, soft cover. You can order at

One Comment
  • Robert Deis says:

    Hi Morgan – Many thanks! Bill Cunningham and I greatly appreciate your shout out for the MEN’S ADVENTURE QUARTERLY #9. See you at PulpFest 2024 I hope.
    – Bob

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