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New ALT-HERO Pledge Add-ons and Stretch Goal –

New ALT-HERO Pledge Add-ons and Stretch Goal

Monday , 16, October 2017 1 Comment

A number of people have asked for a way to buy Alt★Hero Novel #2, so we have created two new ways to do so as part of the Alt★Hero campaign. We have also found two of the three cosplay models for the promised photo shoot.

Novel Ebook #2
This is to receive a copy of Alt★Hero novel #2, by Vox Day and Jon Del Arroz, in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI formats.

Add-On: Digital Starter Kit
This is to receive the nine volumes of comics, the two ebooks, the cosplay photos, and, if the Stretch Goal is achieved, the city map of Avalon, all in digital format.

We have also added a new stretch goal which promises to be very cool. I have already selected the cartographer and he is excellent. My objective is to provide a beautiful map that will be more detailed than any of the maps of Gotham that are out there, in order to create a world that feels more real than anything in the DC or Marvel universes.

Map of Avalon
Castalia House will produce a detailed map of Avalon, the fictional city central to the Alt★Hero universe. The map will be created by Chuck Dixon in cooperation with an accomplished cartographer.

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  • Daddy Warpig says:

    The problem is, that site has no obvious mechanism for increasing or cancelling a “contribution”.

    KickStarter makes is DEAD EASY to spend more on a project, which undoubtedly helps more than it hurts.

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