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Biker barbarians, soaring airships, Aztec gladiator games, and King Arthur’s renegade son await in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in fantasy and adventure.

The Blood of Giants (Adventures of Baron Von Monocle #2) – Jon Del Arroz

Zaira von Monocle is getting the hang of commanding her airship, when crisis hits her homeland, Rislandia. Caught in a terrible cycle of withdrawal from their power-serum, Wyranth soldiers are ravaging the countryside in a berserk rage. The Grand Rislandian Army has been unable to slow their bloodthirsty advance.

The Wyranth’s serum has its origin in legend, a children’s tale about giants roaming the land of Zenwey, far across the ocean. Zaira must take the Liliana and her crew to this faraway land, in hopes that she might find a cure before the Wyranth take even more lives.

When Zaira arrives on Zenwey, she finds the continent to be a mysterious and hostile environment. She must navigate her way past savage jungle warriors, fantastic creatures and terrors, and evil forces that have flying machines of their own. Before she can try to save Rislandia, she has to survive!

Blood Ring – Jonathan Moeller

Caina Amalas meets Nadia Moran in this epic crossover novel from USA Today bestselling author Jonathan Moeller!

My name is Nadia, and I’m a shadow agent of the High Queen of the Elves.

When the High Queen sends me to take down a corrupt Congressman, it should be an easy job.

Except someone else is coming after the Congressman.

And Caina Amalas might be a powerful ally or a deadly enemy…

Also available: Mage Fall

Dragon Rise (The Dragon Walker #3) – DK Holmberg

After betraying both the empire and the rebellion, Fes and Jayell travel alone, struggling to remain safe when a daring break-in that might provide the needed leverage goes awry. Searching for help requires he go to those who want nothing more than to raise the dragons but it’s where he might finally begin to understand just what it means for him to be Deshazl.

Facing a fight for his life, he discovers he’s not as alone as he thought. With new allies, he might finally be able to save Jayell, but he needs to do so before a new threat attempts to use him for his connection to the long lost dragons—and destroy the empire.

A decision forces him to come to terms with what he really wants. Does he want the protection of the empire, the rebellion, or does he serve only himself?

Also available: Dragon Bond

Fierce (Brutal Trilogy #2) – James Alderdice

He was the king. Now he is just a stranger in an even stranger land. And everyone wants him dead.

The Sellsword Gathelaus, was the Usurper King, but dark forces beyond his control have stolen his hard-won crown and sold him into slavery. Now he must fight for survival against hostile pirates, cannibals and a mythic continent brimming with strange beasts and foul sorcery. Here he is forced into their gladiatorial games to quench the insatiable thirst of hungry gods, and blood begins to flow…

But after he rescues a slave girl, he finds there might be more to this lost land than he first thought.

Gun Ghoul #1: Raising the Dead – Will Caligan

Someone – or something – is taking out the crime lords of Chicago.

Agent Justice of the FBI is on the case. She is a Meta Prime, with the ability to see into the past. But not even her ability to see what happened allows her to explain the impossible. And the FBI is not the only agency that is interested in learning more about the new player in town.

In their search for the mysterious killer who is wreaking havoc on the crime lords of Chicago, Agent Justice of the FBI and Detective Callahan of the Chicago Police Department recreate a gun battle that took place at a restaurant in Chinatown. What they learn leads them to the killer’s next target, where they find themselves face-to-face with the ruthless, relentless being.

Also available: Gun Ghoul #2Gun Ghoul #3, and Gun Ghoul #4.

Horseman (Nate Temple #10) – Shayne Silvers

Nate Temple is on the hunt to right a wrong. Mordred – King Arthur’s son – has escaped from Hell. And it’s all Nate’s fault.

And that’s not the only thing he has to worry about. He’s having flashbacks about his childhood in Fae, and it’s crippling him with migraines that knock him unconscious any time he tries to press them.

And Anubis is hunting him, because Nate recently accepted his job offer as the Guide to Hell, and it’s not a work-from-home type of job.

Nate’s going to need to beg, borrow, and steal every scrap of power he can find to stand a snowball’s chance in hell against Mordred and what the notorious traitor has in store for St. Louis.

Because Mordred has been planning this moment his entire afterlife, from that dark empty cell in Hell, and will stop at nothing to get his father’s old heirlooms back. A certain Round Table and a sword. Only then can his master plan truly begin…

Like the Wind (The Gifted #1) – Justin Knight

The Tear Drop.

A destructive power lost for decades. It is desired by the evillest and sought after by the cruellest.

The hunt for this power has drawn a wicked and merciless hunter to the city of Otomo Bay, determined to unleash a horror like no other. She will slaughter men, women, and children without mercy in the quest for that which her master seeks.

The fight for survival will be brutal. A group of city cops must face off against the evil with countless lives caught in the middle. Cut off from the outside world, they will fight to survive and try to escape the wave of death before they join the rising body count.

Mortu and Kyrus in the White City – Schuyler Hernstrom

This thrilling novella is the first installment in the adventures of Mortu and Kyrus, a warrior and a monk embarked on a grand quest across a strange and dangerous world. With bloody action and dry wit, this story aims to revisit the fantasy fiction of old. Touches of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, and Jack Vance shine in this thought provoking tale of adventure. At turns humorous and dark, this is a classic epic adventure in novella form. If new fiction generally leaves you lukewarm, get ready to be excited for great characters, bold action, and weird spectacle. Sword and sorcery is back!

This was a very enjoyable story, a throwback to action packed adventures and a good reply to a short sci-fi classic that always bothered me and many others. – Amazon Reader Review

Also available: The Law of Wolves

Outlands Justice (A Crucible of Worlds #1) – C. J. Carella 

Nathaniel Lot: Survivor from a shattered Earth. Wielder of a powerful – and terrible – weapon. Once a hero, now an aging mercenary, drinking his life away. But when the daughter of two old friends asks for his help to destroy a murderous wizard and warlord, he can’t say no. The path of vengeance will take them through the Outlands, where they will face dangers both mundane and supernatural.

Kathryn Herrera: She grew up hearing tales of her parents’ heroic deeds, but she never expected a dark sorcerer to destroy her life. Now she only lives for revenge, and will stop at nothing to destroy the man known as the Warlock.

They once were Justiciars, defenders of a great realm, each gifted with unique abilities. An immortal from fabled Atlantis; a master of arcane sciences; a warrior princess with a taste for death; a Greek demigod; and a Fey sorceress. They will ride forth once more and challenge the Warlock and his army of beast-men and demons.

Rebel Dead Revenge #3 – Gary Kwapisz

O Death, where is thy general?

Confederate general Stonewall Jackson has fallen, mortally wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville. Taken from the battlefield to his deathbed, he is not afraid to die, but Satan has different plans for him. Playing on the vanity of an aged voodoo priestess, the Devil decides to raise Stonewall from the grave and place the greatest tactical commander of the Civil War at the head of an evil army of angry dead.

To the horror of his loyal servant, Jim, Confederate general Stonewall Jackson has been summoned back from the grave to lead Satan’s army of ravenous undead. But the great general’s arm is missing, and the Devil is sending out his undead minions to find scour the land in order to find it.

The South rises again in REBEL DEAD REVENGE!


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