New Release Roundup, 7 April 2018: Fantasy and Adventure

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A strange typewriter ribbon speaks to an occult investigator, a Texan soldier must delay Santa Anna’s march to the Alamo, Imperial Rome discovers the New World, and more in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in fantasy and adventure.

Blessings and Trials – Thomas Davidsmeier

A Sojourner settlement is attacked by Exile fallen angels and their monstrous minions. Three young friends are separated from their families. Now the soldier’s son Litharus, loving and kind Ingrid,and precocious Gwendolyn must set out together to find their parents. Even though the whole world seems to be aligned against them, they have a secret advantage. Each of these young Sojourners has a special magical Blessing. Are these magical talents enough to escape the Exiles hunting them and help them finally find safety in their parents’ arms?

The intertwined tales in Blessings and Trials span generations and cross seas and continents. They are woven into a world full of dragons, demons, and angels that has been shaped by the currents of magical powers throughout its history. But like the works of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis that inspired it, this novel is an authentic story of Faith, Hope, and Love battling the forces of Evil.

Chicago Typewriter – Brandon Fiadino

During a brutal territory dispute with the Chicago Outfit, Emilio Enzo and his associates discovered just how deeply involved the criminal underworld is in the occult and supernatural. Using hidden pathways to our world, forces of pure evil have worked in secret to maintain their dark stronghold on the city. Now those forces are back to take their revenge on the one man willing to challenge their reign by stealing the soul of his girlfriend Kat.

While visiting an old shop full of oddities, Emilio comes across an antique ribbon for a typewriter with an unusual history. And after bringing the strange red ribbon home and spooling it into his machine, he is startled when it begins to communicate with him at night….

The Horn’s Fate (Ten Tears Chronicles #4) – Alaric Longsword 

Goddess Nött ended Shannon’s reign over the realm of Scardark, and thus, also thwarted the plans of the mad goddess of the dead, Hel. Nött, the wicked goddess of the night and a lover of desperate wagers, set Dana, the least likely of the Ten Tears to be trusted, on a hidden path for Midgard with the mighty Horn of Heimdall, Gjallarhorn, the key to the closed gates.

Dana, having previously failed to guard her sister, and having foully betrayed her companions, must now find a way to unite what remains of the Ten Tears. On this almost hopeless mission to Midgard, the land of the men, Dana leads a volatile dragon, bitter Anja, and a dubious assassin Gutty to find the whereabouts of a long-lost First-Born. Should she succeed, she must also convince such a being to agree to restore Odin to his worlds.

At least Hel, and Shannon seem defeated, and Euryale and Stheno are both dead, victims of Shannon’s ancient dagger Famine.

And yet, the Goddess Hel, despite her madness and greed for vengeance, is a meticulous, cruel planner who does not rely on one plan. Something odd is afoot in Midgard. Also, Dana’s hidden burden is finally revealed. She must fight to keep her sanity and focus, as a powerful being inside her head is slowly corrupting her, aiding her when it suits it, and perhaps, by giving Dana even more power and greater skills, finally guiding her for a new destiny.

Journey of Fate (The Godling Chronicles #7) – Brian D. Anderson

It has been 18 years since the fall of the Reborn King, and Jayden Stedding, son of Gewey, dreams of adventure. Life as a farmer in Sharpstone offers very little excitement. But like his father before him, fate will descend like a storm and soon he will learn that with adventure comes peril. And when you are the son of a god, that peril can shatter worlds.

Heaven is once again in turmoil and Gewey Stedding is missing. And it falls to Jayden to find him. But his journey will take him places even the gods fear to tread. Carried to the edge of madness, he must restore hope and prevent time itself from being upended

“A brilliant continuation to The Godling Chronicles. I can’t wait for the ultimate book. The sole thing I didn’t like was…I have to wait on the final book!”–Amazon Reader Review

The Last Judge (Cloak Games #10) – Jonathan Moeller

My master made a deal with the devil, but I’m the one who has to pay.

Two items I’ve stolen for the Rebels, and I only need to steal one more thing for them.

Trouble is, it’s in Last Judge Mountain, a secret military base left over from before the High Queen of the Elves conquered Earth.

There are things in Last Judge Mountain that should never again see the light of day.

And if I go into the mountain, I might never come out again…

The Last Full Measure – Jack Campbell

America, 1863: the dream of the Founding Fathers has become a nightmare. The ideals of freedom and individualism have fallen to tyranny, corruption and greed. Wealthy industrialists of the North and slave-holding plantation owners of the South now hold power through the might of the military and puppet politicians—and all who defy them are declared traitors to the United States of America.

Condemned for daring to speak against the government, Prof. Joshua Chamberlain is on his way to a penal plantation when his prison train is captured by the Army of the New Republic—a growing force of courageous soldiers who wish to restore the United States to its original righteous path. Joining a company of heroes with names such as Hancock, Longstreet and Armistead, Chamberlain finds himself joining the fight for freedom. But to win that freedom—and keep it—the rebellion needs a leader who is not a soldier, but a living symbol of the cause with the wisdom and fortitude to lead America back into the light.

Chamberlain knows exactly where to find such a leader. A man who is currently being held in the most secure and dangerous prison in the country, where his treasonous ideals cannot be heard. A man whose refusal to bow to those who proudly claim slavery as a way of life has already made him a legend. A man they must rescue at all costs…

A man called Lincoln.

The Lightning Fall (Relic Cycle #2) – Steve Rzasa

An ancient darkness reawakens. An empire casts its shadow over the East.

And together they seek: the Lightningfall.

Bowen Cord has embraced his gift. He uses his ice-summoning in service of others, while relishing the quiet comfort of raising his family. There is no denying the call to a quest, however, when a mysterious woman arrives at the Aevorn village bearing a stone with the rumored ability to reach the dead.

Bowen will have to assemble a disparate crew aboard his new cloudship, traverse the isle-filled skies for hostile lands, and determine who this woman really is—and what she wants.

If not, he’ll be unable to stop an empire from burying the world under a reign of ice.

A March of Woe (Overthrown #3) – Aaron Bunce

Ban Turin, the heavily fortified and cosmopolitan capital of Denoril, has gone dark, its massive gates closed for the first time in an age. Only two people know why: a denil monk and his unlikely savior, a freed prostitute named Aida. They make a desperate March south, fighting the harsh winter to deliver a message of Woe – a message that lord Thatcher, the Earl of the lakes, will likely struggle to believe. The Nymradic, an ancient and powerful race, has returned, aided by none other than Djaron Algast, Denoril’s overthrown king.

Roman and Dennah flee north in search of sanctuary, but to where? The lord Constable poisoned Roman and tried to silence Dennah to bury the secret of his lineage. Meanwhile, an unknown menace prowls Bardstown. Roman must embrace his true potential, or he and Dennah will freeze to death in the wild.

Julian has finally broken free and runs towards Craymore, desperate to save Tanea. And yet, the truth of their divine connection exposes a deeper, far more complicated conflict then ever believed possible. Safe havens are disappearing, contracting, and driving our heroes towards the heartland and the lakes of Karnell, where they may find more than just sanctuary.

The Pandora Codex (Oliver Webber #1) – Hank Garner

A closely guarded secret, a stolen artifact, and a madman trying to open a portal to Hell. Can Oliver Webber become the hero he’s meant to be?

Oliver Webber has a secret. In fact, his family have guarded this secret for generations. What he doesn’t know is that the ancient evil that his family has guarded against is on the verge of being unleashed, and Oliver is the only person on Earth that can stop it. People everywhere are disappearing, an evil madman is dead-set on ripping apart the very fabric of our existence, and a demon possessed Civil War general seeking revenge set the Mississippi Delta on the edge of annihilation. Oliver, along with his girlfriend, his dog, and a crazy conspiracy nut, fight against time and a secret death cult to locate a stolen artifact that could unleash the power of Hell itself.

The Pandora Codex mixes elements of supernatural thriller, magical realism, time travel, alternate history, and urban fantasy with a coming of age tale everyone can connect with.

Righteous Strike (Black Ops: Heroes of Afghanistan #9) – Eric Meyer

A new insurgency is brewing on the Afghan-Pakistan border. General Ishaq Khan, known as the ‘Hammer of God,’ is the architect of this new terror. During a bloody battle, Khan kidnaps a group of journalists following Congresswoman Barbara Adams. Her work was to highlight injustices against women, yet now Adams and her party have become the victims.

The Bin Laden raid on Abbottabad has left diplomatic ties shattered, making an official rescue mission impossible. The Congresswoman’s husband turns to former Navy SEAL for help. Rafe Stoner is a drunk loner with little to live for. His refusal is brief and to the point. Until he discovers General Ishaq Khan, beloved leader of the Haqqani insurgency, has made the biggest mistake of his life. He has given Stoner a reason to live. A reason to fight.

He agrees to take on the mission with his best friend Grigory Blum. They are about to enter the gates of hell as they pit their skills and weapons against the might of the Haqqani. What began as a rescue becomes a desperate fight for survival. At the end, one question remains. Who will live, and who will die?

Roman America – Anthony Johnson

What if Ancient Rome had discovered the New World? How would a historian have praised their glory? It’s 39 AD during the reign of Emperor Caligula, and there’s no limit to this political propaganda!

“I, Pompillus Maximus, write this triumphant story.” Narrated by an ‘ancient historian,’ Roman America is a satirical, historical fiction novel chronicling the legacy of Commander Ocius Ditarian, Discoverer of the New World. Ditarian would bring Roman power and influence to America’s shores, and with this encounter, expanded hopes and dreams for the Empire. It is his desire to unite all people under the Roman Essence. But not everyone wants to create a perfect Roman world. Travian, the Christian slave, has a different vision for mankind, as do the Atlantians (those that fled from Atlantis to America), who would like nothing more to have their own kingdom in peace and quiet.

“Roman America” is political propaganda in all its glory! Humorous and thought-provoking from beginning to end, this ‘historical account’ answers every question. What does it mean to be truly Roman? Can Christians create a world without persecution? How does an empire expand without destroying itself and other cultures? Witness the perilous crossing of the Forbidden Sea. Behold Rome’s splendor in all its glory. Perceive the powerful effect of Roman Persuasion; for in this history we watch the world change and evolve as the Empire, under the influence of one man, strives to push the boundaries of greatness.

To the Victors the Remains (The Lone Star Reloaded #3) – Drew McGunn

Six years after being stranded in the past, Will has survived the Alamo, brokered peace with the Comanche, and found love. Now he faces his greatest challenge yet.

Determined to enforce a treaty’s boundary, the president orders Will and the army of the Republic of Texas to annex everything north of the Rio Grande, including Santa Fe. But the dictator, Santa Anna has returned to power in Mexico and he wants his country back – all of it.

Will faces an unwinnable situation; he is stranded hundreds of miles away from the Alamo when he uncovers plans for a Mexican Invasion. Santa Anna’s army is already on the march and only a few regulars, a handful of militia and Will’s family stand in his way. It will take a miracle to save his family and the Republic of Texas from Santa Anna’s revenge.

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