New Release Roundup: Science Fiction, 3 March 2018

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Characters from seven bestselling novels meet in a bar, an accident leaves a cruise liner stranded in hyperspace, and assassins rock the the halls of the Lords of Creation in this week’s roundup of the newest releases in science fiction.

Assassin (The Four Horsemen Cycle #11) – Kacey Ezell and Marisa Wolf

Depik. The race of cat-like assassins is feared galaxy-wide. Few living people have seen them, as the sight of one is usually the last thing its victim sees.

Clan politics on the Depik home world of Khatash are complicated, with clans jockeying for contracts and the prestige and wealth they bring. There’s only one rule—Depik do not kill other Depik. Ever.

When Reow is implicated in killing the Depik Governor, though, her clan is declared anathema. Her four offspring are placed under interdict—they are to be killed on sight—and Del, Flame, Blade, and Death must flee with their molly, Susa.

With Reow dead, and Hunters tracking them across the galaxy, will they live long enough to find the real killer, or will they find themselves assassinated by their own kind?

*     *     *      *      *

Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall (Alien Skill #1) – Rae Knightly

“If…danger…find…Mesmo!” Ben Archer hears his Grampa utter these last words before his untimely death. But it is too late: danger has already found the twelve-year old boy.

Government agents have taken every precaution to cover up the truth about an event dubbed The Cosmic Fall: when a UFO crashes near Grampa’s house, the media are led to believe it was a fallen meteor. But the agents weren’t counting on Ben being a witness. Nor were they counting on there being a lone survivor of the crash: an alien man called Mesmo.

Thus begins a police chase to capture the boy and the alien, as, hidden among the agents, lurks the treacherous enemy who shot down Mesmo’s spaceship. And although the destinies of boy and alien become inextricably linked, one question hovers above their unlikely friendship:

Why did the aliens come to Earth in the first place?

*     *     *      *      *

BOB’s Bar (Tales from the Multiverse #1) – Presented by LMBPN Publishing

What happens when your favorite characters meet in a bar?

BOB isn’t just a bartender and Bethany Anne isn’t just a patron. Neither are Tanis, Amanda, Ryck, Cal, Marc, or Terry Henry.

What stories do our heroes from seven different successful series talk about when they come together in one place, at one time.

From the minds of Michael Anderle, Jonathan P. Brazee, M.D. Cooper, Craig Martelle, Barry J. Hutchison, Andrew Dobell, and Richard Fox.

Listen in as both the drinks and bar stories flow with reckless abandon.

*     *     *      *      *

Gnosis (Legacy War #1) – John Walker

A Surprise attack.

Technology has allowed humanity to take to the stars. Earth’s first step toward exploring the unknown universe begins with a surge of hope followed by the sting of a surprise attack. Just as their most advanced ship embarks on its maiden voyage, aliens assault the unprepared fleet, making a play for an ancient technology the human race has relied upon for all major advances.

This sudden meeting proves humans are not the only sentient beings in the vastness of space and it quickly becomes clear they will need to thwart the plans of their new enemies. If they do not, our first foray into the unknown could well be our last.

*     *     *      *      *

The Hyperspace Trap – Christopher G. Nuttall

A year after the Commonwealth won the war with the Theocracy, the interstellar cruise liner Supreme is on its maiden voyage, carrying a host of aristocrats thrilled to be sharing in a wondrous adventure among the stars. The passengers include the owner and his daughters, Angela and Nancy. Growing up with all the luxuries in the world, neither sister has ever known true struggle, but that all changes when a collision with a pirate ship leaves the cruiser powerless and becalmed in hyperspace. And they’re not alone.

Now, the mysterious force that’s living on this floating graveyard is coming for Supreme’s crew and passengers. As madness starts to tear at their minds, they must fight to survive in a strange alien realm.

And there’s no way out…

*     *     *      *      *

The Lords of Creation (Superluminary #1) – John C. Wright

One assassination may be an accident. Two assassinations is enemy action.

Aeneas Tell of the House of Tell is one of the youngest Lords of Creation. His family rules the Nine Worlds through its control of the ultra-advanced technology that has permitted the colonization of the entire solar System. More gods than men, the Lords of Creation have cheated Death itself.

But even a quasi-immortal god will take exception to being assassinated. Twice. Especially when the assassin turns out to be a someone he thought was a friend.

“If you enjoy pulp Scifi, there is no excuse for skipping this book. None. It is easily the best I’ve read since I finished Lester Dent’s original Doc Savage series in the 1970s. “–Amazon Reader Review

*     *     *      *      *

The Lost Artifact (The Lost Starship #8) – Vaughn Heppner

Star Watch defeated the Swarm Invasion Fleet, but at a terrible cost in destroyed star systems, smashed battleships and billions of dead. In the aftermath of the costly victory, chaos threatens as worlds leave the Commonwealth of Planets, face mass starvation or succumb to increased piracy.

The war against the Swarm Imperium has just begun. Humanity needs unity or each planet will fall alone.

Brigadier O’Hara of Star Watch Intelligence stumbles onto a secret conspiracy. Someone is trying to destroy the Commonwealth from within, and they have an alien artifact of incredible power.

O’Hara summons Captain Maddox. Although she fears to lose him, she knows that Maddox and his crew have the best chance of finding the hidden enemy. If the captain fails, the Commonwealth will be powerless to stop its destruction. What O’Hara doesn’t know—it would probably break her heart if she did—is that she has just sent Maddox into the most harrowing battle of his career.

*     *     *      *      *

Project Destiny (Biotech Wars #1) – Justin Sloan

Space Station Horus isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and destiny comes with a price.

Stealth is an elite among elites. This Marine wanted to be on the front line of expansion into space, and now he is. Only the hacker organization known as The Looking Glass stands against them, trying to pull apart all of his team’s progress, all they believe in.

Alice was told that her husband was dead, a month after he went up to space. Now she’s formed a team of technical assassins dedicated to taking down New Origins, the corporation in charge of the station, if she doesn’t get answers. Someone has to hold them accountable–even if it means going up against an army of genetically engineered super soldiers.

Neither will stop until they have justice.

*     *     *      *      *

Spellship (The Magitech Chronicles #3) – Chris Fox

The Last Dragonflight Holds the Key to Survival

Voria, Aran, and Nara survived their trip into the Umbral Depths. They retrieved the Talon, and are now searching for the First Spellship, the key to victory in their war against the Krox. Their search leads them to Virkonna, the home of the Last Dragonflight, a world where Dragons still rule. The world where Aran was born.

Aran’s past finally catches up with him, and he is forced to answer for killing Khalahk. The Wyrms demand he undergo a March of Honor, a brutal trek that few survive. Nara must not only accept Aran’s fate, but use it as a distraction to locate the First Spellship. Voria must forge an alliance with the ancient and arrogant Wyrms of the Last Dragonflight, before the Krox do it first.

If even one of them fail, Krox will rise and the sector is doomed. Even success will carry a heavy price…

*     *     *      *      *

Torchship Trilogy – Karl K. Gallagher

The complete Torchship series in a single volume!

The crew of the Fives Full are just trying to make enough money to keep themselves in the black while avoiding the attention of a government so paranoid it’s repealed Moore’s Law. They’re not looking for adventure in the stars . . . but they’re not going to back down just because something got in their way.

Torchship Pilot:
War is bad for business. The crew of the freighter Fives Full want to enjoy the profits of their dangerous voyage, but when war breaks out they’re pressed into service for missions a warship can’t do. Winning the war demands pilot Michigan Long act ruthlessly . . . and may cost her her conscience and her marriage.

Torchship Captain:
Michigan Long blackmailed her enemies into joining the war against the AIs. Now the secret she used is leaking out and the Fusion is shattering. Caught in the middle of a civil war, she will have to use any weapon that comes to hand—her wits, her ship, her mate.

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