New Release Spotlight: DAUNTLESS

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The sixth book of Jay Allan’s Blood on the Stars series flies into the heart of danger.

The pulsar…an ancient weapon of unimaginable power, one that threatens the Confederation with total destruction. The Union is preparing for the final invasion, one that cannot fail with the great artifact at the head of their fleet. The clock is ticking quickly toward midnight.

There is a chance to avoid annihilation, a small one. The Confederation has its own ancient device recovered from the Badlands, a stealth generator. It is not as powerful as the pulsar, but it just may be enough.

The generator can hide a single vessel, so Tyler Barron and the crew of Dauntless reunite to take their aging battleship once more into the breach. They will go to the Bottleneck, the system where the Union is preparing the final assault. They must sneak around the vast forces of the Union fleet, into the heart of the massively-defended system, and somehow destroy the pulsar.

The fleet will be with them, all the might the Confederation can muster, but success hinges almost entirely on Dauntless’s desperate attack. And, even if Barron and his people succeed in their mission, they will be trapped behind the enemy fleet, cut off and alone.

*     *     *      *      *

Reader Praise for Blood on the Stars:

“Amazing story, believable and not a series that can be put down until you have read the last page, hoping that there is just one more chapter. Start this series from the beginning and you will not regret it.”

“Truly one of the better space opera series available today. Great adventure, epic battles, political intrigue, and last but not least, a love story! Thanks, Mr. Allan, for covering all the bases and delivering a great read”

“Jay Allan asserts yet again his keen touch for military science fiction.”

“The continuing characters are “real” people, and decisions/questions about tactics and strategy seem real. Shows how great leaders can suddenly arise and seize the moment, and poor ones fall by the roadside. Lots of individual heroes, and good guys also get killed as in real life. Great space opera in the old tradition.”

*     *     *      *      *

Don’t miss out on all the battles of Tyler Barron and the crew of the Dauntless:

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