New Release Spotlight: JOURNEY OF FATE

Tuesday , 3, April 2018 Leave a comment

The seventh chapter of the Godling Chronicles by Brian D. Anderson

It has been 18 years since the fall of the Reborn King, and Jayden Stedding, son of Gewey, dreams of adventure. Life as a farmer in Sharpstone offers very little excitement. But like his father before him, fate will descend like a storm and soon he will learn that with adventure comes peril. And when you are the son of a god, that peril can shatter worlds.

Heaven is once again in turmoil and Gewey Stedding is missing. And it falls to Jayden to find him. But his journey will take him places even the gods fear to tread. Carried to the edge of madness, he must restore hope and prevent time itself from being upended.

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