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An old-school YA adventure from an author friend of Castalia House: Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves.

A young radio engineer travels across an alt-history America, encountering primeval gods, mythical beasts, and tall tales come to life, in a quest to build a radio transmitter that can reach the stars.

It all starts in the mountain town of Porterville. Twelve-year-old Philo starts a pirate radio station with his friends, and learns that the world is a stranger place than he ever imagined. The Ancient Marauder, the Bright and Terrible Birds, the Mishipeshu, and other creatures of myth and legend populate this enchanting mixture of science and fantasy.

YANKEE REPUBLIC is an old-school adventure series with traditional values and down-to-earth heroes. Escape from the pessimism and propaganda of modern fiction, and take a journey through a mythic America that might have been.

Castalia House is not doing YA right now, but we want to support right-wing authors like Fenton Wood who are.

  • Fenton Wood says:

    Thanks Nathan! I’m eager to get started on Book 2. I’m using a new pen name for my YA books, but longtime Castalia readers may recognize some of the themes.

  • Wonderful story! Please don’t keep us waiting long for the next one.

  • Jim Healy says:

    I am so glad that five million watts will be coming out on May 1st. The Yankee Republic series is a refreshing bright spot in the world of YA fiction.

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