New Release Spotlight: STRANGE MATTER

Thursday , 12, April 2018 1 Comment

Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier presents a fascinting collection of strange stories that chart the course of his journey as an author.

In these pages you’ll meet an investigator tackling an apocalyptic mystery, a Cold War reporter pursuing terrors beyond understanding, a working stiff thrust into an impossible dilemma, a team of Moderns pitted against an ancient evil, one soldier who seeks immortality in death and another who’s outlived his usefulness. You’ll share the struggles of a scholar tempted with a terrible choice and counter-revolutionary fighting a lost and lonely war of the mind.


  • Beta Geminorum
  • Reign of Terror
  • Strange Matter
  • Izcacus
  • Anacyclosis
  • Elegy for the Locust
  • Robber Council
  • Good Friday

Of note, “Anacyclosis” serves as a foretaste of Brian’s upcoming mecha/Mil-SF novel series Combat Frame XSeed. Also, “Elegy for the Locust” fills in a bit of the Dragon Award winning Soul Cycle’s backstory, including the origins of a major faction in The Secret Kings.

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