New Release Spotlight: SUDDEN DANGER

Thursday , 14, June 2018 1 Comment

The second adventure of space trucker E. Z. Sudden by Jon Mollison.

E. Z. Sudden and Karenina return to action in their first mission as part of the Star King’s intelligence service. Sudden knows every simple job has the potential to get real complicated real quick, especially when a guy has to show his naïve and adventurous new wife the ropes. To his chagrin, a simple intelligence gathering mission goes south when they uncover a hidden conspiracy on the fringes of the Ragged Edge of space – a plot by the local megacorp to steal the land out from under a few humble farmers. Their investigation leads the roguish smuggler and his princess bride into a web of evil larger than either could have imagined.

With all of the thrilling fights and chases and escapes from certain doom you’ve come to expect from the humble and hardworking tramp space freighter captain E. Z. Sudden, and all of his princess’s charms, this novel touches on the deeper meaning of heroism, handled with a light touch that will leave you smiling and ready for more.

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  • deuce says:

    Always cool to see ol’ E.Z. back in action.

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