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The exciting prequel to the Four Horsemen Cycle by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey.

Before CASPers were the lords of the battlefield, men tested their metal against aliens one-on-one.”

First contact has been made, and Earth’s militaries and its premier mercenary companies stand ready to take their first tentative steps outside the Solar System. With a galaxy of aliens to explore and fistfuls of credits to be made, follow along as the Four Horsemen select their contracts and venture forth to meet their destinies.

Cartwright’s Cavaliers, Asbaran Solutions, Winged Hussars, and The Golden Horde stand ready and willing to take on the adventure, but what will they find in their Alpha Contracts, and how will they overcome it?

The Four Horsemen: Alpha Contracts will take you behind the scenes of Earth’s legendary heroes, giving you a merc’s eye view of the dangers they faced in completing their first contracts, as well as a look at mercenary warfare among the stars from a fifth company, the Avenging Angels, as its members send letters home from the front lines.

Jim Cartwright, Kuru Shirazi, Lawrence Kosmalski, and Altan Enkh. They were the best, the brightest, and the most famous mercs to ever live. But no one knows who they really were…until now. But as the man once said, “Never meet your heroes.”

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