New Release Spotlight: THE NUCLEAR DRUID

Thursday , 28, December 2017 1 Comment

The second novel in Felix R. Savage’s Extinction Protocol series.

For centuries, humanity has viewed the sentrienza with wonder and reverence. They gifted humanity with technology and knowledge, teaching us the secrets of space travel. Until the Ghosts arrived, and everything changed. Among the slaughter of the Ghost invasion, humanity learned a horrible truth:

Every gift from the sentrienza comes at a price.

The price is our freedom.

Now humanity is fighting back, but it’s an uphill battle. We’re outnumbered, outgunned, and the sentrienza have the home-field advantage. But humanity may have one secret weapon: former Navy pilot Colm Mackenzie.

An unwilling participant in the CHEMICAL MAGE experiment, Colm has recently discovered untapped powers that could give humanity the upper hand in the war with the sentrienza. But first he must learn to understand and control his unique abilities, and that means finding allies among humanity’s greatest nightmare: the Ghosts.

*     *     *      *      *

Reader Praise for the Extinction Protocol:

“Superbly written narrative, a hero to cheer for, a roller-coaster of a plot, and edge-of-your-seat suspense make this one a winner no matter what genre you call it.”

“Here Felix Savage mix up fantasy and Sci Fi into a quite an intricate military action story with some magic thrown into the mix.”

“In short, a blissfully long story with lots and lots of action, amazing twists about who is friend or foe, well written, well developed characters, keeps you entertained splendidly.”


One Comment
  • Paul says:

    Everything sounds better with Nuclear in front of it.

    Nuclear Time Machine!
    Nuclear Polar Bear!
    Nuclear Dinosaur!

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