New Release Spotlight: THE OPHIAN RISING

Thursday , 21, December 2017 5 Comments

Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier’s groundbreaking Soul Cycle reaches its startling conclusion in THE OPHIAN RISING, the highly anticipated sequel to The Secret Kings.

The Zadokim healed the cosmos from the ravages of the Cataclysm, and the survivors made them kings. Now the Ophians, a ruthless insurgent movement, wage a vicious uprising against their immortal rulers’ two hundred year reign.

Xander and Astlin have transformed the desert world of Tharis into the hub of a flourishing trade empire. Their Nesshin subjects spread a new faith promising true freedom in another universe. But when Astlin seeks forbidden knowledge to resurrect her long-dead family, sinister forces exact a terrible price from those she loves.

With the Ophian threat engulfing the spheres and a primeval terror rising from its prison, Astlin must turn to a shiftless gambler, the outlaw squire of a fallen knight, and a mismatched pair of smugglers to escape the ghosts of her past and save all souls from eternal death. But can mortals succeed where even gods have failed?

*     *     *      *      *

Reader praise for The Soul Cycle:

Dune and Firefly go on a drunken absinthe bender and wake up in Cthulhu’s condo.”–Amazon Customer on Nethereal

If you like your science fiction to acknowledge that there is good and there is evil, your protagonists potent but flawed, your tech sufficiently advanced to feel like magic, your magic sufficiently consistent to feel like technology, your stakes high, and your pathos genuine, you will love this book—this whole series—as I did.“–Angry Goblin on The Ophian Rising

Nethereal is an exercise not so much in world-building as in universe-building. Niemeier creates a universe only superficially related to ours, and then explores the differences. This universe is laid out with great care throughout the book, so I won’t spoil it by describing it here – part of the fun here is not knowing what is going on until later events reveal it. The Nethereal universe is intricate and imaginative, and provides an engaging backdrop against which the drama and personalities unfold.“–Joseph Moore on Nethereal

“…the book is Pulp. There is no respect for genre boundaries, there is clear romance of the old kind, there is defined good and evil, there is wonder, action is constant and focused on, and the pacing, despite the book’s length, never stumbles. It clearly falls into a pulp revolution mold, and is all the better for it.”--JD Cowan on The Secret Kings

*     *     *      *      *

Get the final book of the award-winning Soul Cycle today, and complete your collection by picking up the other captivating books in this supernatural space adventure series.

  • deuce says:

    I’ve said it before: I’m not big on computer-generatede art, wich is what that cover appears to be. That stated, the cover is amazing. A Mobius Serpent. Cool and menacing. It takes the Ouroboros concept one step further. A Cosmic Ouroboros.

    I’m really looking forward to reading this.

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