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Owen Stanley in audiobook+ –

Owen Stanley in audiobook+

Thursday , 21, February 2019 Leave a comment

Both The Missionaries and The Promethean are now available in audiobook+ at the Arkhaven store. You might suspect that we are exaggerating when we say that they are two of the funniest satirical novels ever published. And you would be absolutely and utterly wrong. Narrator Gabrielle Miller also does a wonderful job of conveying the literary humor in her unique Australian accent.

Now that Castalia House is free to sell our audiobooks our own way, we’re going to be putting up extended audio samples on the Darkstream for your listening pleasure. In, today’s case, it’s a pair of particularly funny chapters that appear in succession in the extended audio sample of The Promethean by Owen Stanley. Rather than simple putting up the prologue or the first chapter, we’re seeking to provide a discrete element of the book that can be enjoyed in its own right, even if the listener doesn’t proceed to purchase the entire book in one form or another.

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