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PREZCON: Tikal, The Last Spike, Battle Cry, Firefly, and High Frontier! –

PREZCON: Tikal, The Last Spike, Battle Cry, Firefly, and High Frontier!

Monday , 22, February 2016 6 Comments

PrezCon has officially started. If are interested in tabletop games and you are anywhere near the Charlottesville, Virginia area, you will want to check this out.

This is from the opening heat of the Tikal tournament:

Here’s a couple of guys learning a new one from Columbia Games, The Last Spike:

This is the Civil War themed Battle Cry:

This looks like some people running Firefly with a couple of the expansions:

And here is one of the ultimate hard science games on the market right now, High Frontier:

A lot of people come mainly for the tournaments, which are both competitive and friendly. (If you want to learn new games, this really is the easiest way to do it.) Other people show up to specifically play some of the more complex games that are a little more difficult to get together outside of the convention scene. (If there are cats at your house, you can’t leave the board up, after all!) Still others come for the game auction, to playtest their games, or to kibitz with the many publishers and game designers that are here.

My advice is to come before Saturday if you’ve never been before. A lot of the scheduled games are finals or semi-finals by then and a good chunk of the gamers are flat out exhausted by then. So take a couple days off and come play some board games!

  • cirsova says:

    One of these days…

  • I know Tikal and have some familiarity with Command and Colors games; what’s your opinion of High Frontier? Aside from the fact that it’s out of print.

    • Jeffro says:

      You know, I haven’t played High Frontier, yet. It’s not on the con schedule and getting into a pickup game of that is actually kind of tough. It always seems to cause a stir when it comes out, but I hear that the learning curve is pretty rough.

  • Eric Ashley says:

    Tennessee Game Days is less tournameants, I think, but otherwise seems similar. I was wowed last year which was my first.

    Its coming in two weeks??

  • I’ve always been on the fence of getting the Firefly game. Is it as cool as it looks?

    • Jeffro says:

      I’m not the person to ask. The “only passive aggressive conflict” and the group solitaire style game just aren’t my thing in general.

      The few times I did play, I felt like there was no point in getting crew and improving your ship because it’s just so easy to lose the stuff you’ve worked for. There is loads of chrome with the card stacks for each world and patron… but I think it takes away from it being an actual space trading game. Eh, maybe with the right group….

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