REVIEW: A Noteworthy Tale of the Seven Sectors: A science fiction novella by Michael Kukka

Thursday , 2, October 2014 1 Comment

coverThe novella begins with an unusual warning:

Enjoy the ride and don’t worry; it all makes sense in the end.

To understand what the author means by “the ride”, just take a look at one of the first paragraphs:

Unlike other parts of the known universe, the statistically average inhabitant of the Seven Sectors is a middle-aged octopus mailman who, due to his general constitution and circumstance, is doubtful to ever partake in the kind of intermittently telekinesis- ‘Luke-I-am-your-father’-heavy sagas which queerly celebrate the short-term efforts of a mysteriously funded intergalactic terrorists organization without ever considering the difficult sociocultural and geogalactic realities of an armed revolution achieved mainly via the corridors of religious fundamentalism and mondoed plot holes; or even the kind of exquisitely unchecked voyage which boldly goes where no man has gone before in conquest of a final frontier which somehow never quite seems to produce the kind of throat-slitting encounters with Morlocks, subarctic hunger turned murderous cannibalism, and/or slightly morale-diminishing crew-on-crew man-rape whose Kōhaku – historically speaking – have always swum the ponds of final frontiers.

Each and every paragraph looks like that. Now you have been properly warned.

I don’t know who the author is but a Google search led me to an Internet Movie Database page of a 12-minute Swedish movie directed by a man with the same name. The short is succinctly described as: “A depressed cyclist explores the depths of his own insanity.” Yes, that could definitely be our man.

The novella’s outrageous syntax is reminiscent of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But even though it is cock-full of science-fiction and pop culture references, HHGTTG is never directly mentioned. Instead, there are several quotes from something titled Rocketboy’s Starguide to Eternal Bliss and Happiness.

A 6-time world speed memory champion recommended in his book a method to memorize words when there is no rational relationship between then. One of the first examples was with the words:  Tractor, light bulb, stork, button, table, skiing, gorilla, ship, bicycle, bottle, trunk, bull, book, clock, rug, clouds, and rock. Kukka’s novella reads like he’s trying that method on a galactic scale. Without the benefit of having memorized anything useful, of course.

One final warning. Don’t place too much confidence on that original warning by the author.


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  • Michael Kukka says:


    P.S. Thanks for checking out the book. It’s cool to have a review out on the internets.

    / Michael

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