Science Fiction and Fantasy: 05 June, 2021

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Alchemical academies, busking VR rockstars, and stranded U. S. Army Rangers shine in this week’s new release list.

Alchemist Apprentice (The Alchemist Book 1) – Dan Michaelson and D. K. Holmberg

Sam’s desire to protect his sister leads him to magic he never imagined.

The powerful arcane arts have kept Olway safe for generations, taught only to those tested and proven to have real potential at the prestigious Academy. That power has never been found on the edge of the kingdom where Sam and his sister struggle to survive. Until now.

A terrible mistake puts Sam at the mercy of a master of the arcane arts who brings Sam to the Academy to help learn what happened to the last of the Alchemists. Posing as a student, and with no magic of his own, he tries to navigate the Academy and discover the secrets of Alchemy. When he discovers a dangerous power that could destroy the Academy, Sam is tested in a way he’d never imagined.

Having no magic of his own, his mind and wits might not be enough to stop a dangerous power that has turned its attention upon the Academy—and is now focused on Sam.

Galaxy Run (Gunn and Salvo #1) – Joshua James


When deep space bounty hunters Gunn and Salvo chase down a teenager linked to the catastrophic loss of a space station, everything about the job feels off.

They’re used to greedy people lying to them. But honest people who should know better? That’s new.

So they do the one thing you don’t do in their line of work: Ask questions.

Before they know it, they’re the ones with a galaxy-wide bounty on their heads … and the fate of humanity in their hands.

Lost Time (The Bridge #2) – Nathan Hystad

The Bridge has been triggered, but the surprises don’t end there. What Rex found on the other side was unsettling, and with fresh information, he must race against time with his new allies as they search for their salvation.

The mysterious objects are closer, nearly at Earth, and the efforts of the alien cult have reached a devastating level. Fear escalates as the entire planet senses the global threat, but Rex is more determined than ever to prevent what’s coming.

With the startling revelation of a team member’s identity, and the news of a second Bridge, Rex must cast aside his frustrations and focus. Otherwise the imminent arrival might just be as catastrophic as the cult predicts.

Rex Walker finds himself at the precipice of history, but which side will humanity land on? Lost Time is a fast-paced thriller full of hope, loss, reconnection, and adventure.

Rebel’s Call (Space Troopers #1) – Jamie McFarlane and Rachel Aukes

Separated at birth, orphaned twins Peyton and Jai Foster’s lives couldn’t be more different. Raised by a billionaire, Peyton Foster has been taught that anything other than first place is failure. With her adoptive family’s name dangled like a carrot, she’ll need to not only get accepted to Space Academy but finish at the top of her class.

Raised in a group shelter one step from the streets, Jai Foster has earned every meal he’s ever eaten. Discovering early that his penchant for technology gave him an undeniable advantage, Jai manages to earn a spot to the Academy with hopes of securing a future better than as some low-level corporate cog.

When fellow cadets are callously murdered for failing training exercises, the orphaned twins discover that the corporations controlling the solar system are far more sinister than they could’ve ever imagined. When terrorist attacks leave millions dead, Academy’s cadets are drafted to fight the latest corporate war.

But what happens when the twins discover that the terrorist enemy they’re fighting isn’t the real enemy? Will a pair of orphans follow the orders of an immoral corporation or will they find that fighting against tyranny is worth everything?

Trial (VR Hero #2) – Lucas Flint

On his way to his next concert, Busker Burn is waylaid by the villainous Darkhold, the ruler of the Villain town of Blades. Darkhold despises digital immortality and anyone who promotes it. And, unfortunately, Busker just happens to be the current poster boy for the very concept itself.

Yet Darkhold values fair play and offers Busker a chance to escape his fortress. Despite knowing how pitiful his odds are, Busker accepts. He has to, if he wants to make it to his next concert in time to save his career from the doppelganger impersonating him.

Busker will need to use all of his wits, skills, powers, and knowledge to navigate the constantly-shifting layout of Darkhold’s fortress and defeat the Villain’s dangerous minions who lurk on every floor. But he will need far more to survive Darkhold himself.

Subversion (The Necromancer’s Key #3) – Mitchell Hogan

A corrupted power stirs from beyond the grave. The Necromancer Queen will rise again.

Sent with a contingent of knights to reinforce the Thousand Lakes Kingdom against the aggression of the normally peaceable Soreshi, Anskar DeVantte learns that the Necromancer Queen Talia’s reach is longer than he could have believed.

Cajoled into procuring the components of the Armor of Divinity that will bring Talia back from the realm of the dead, Anskar must put her demands to one side when the real threat facing the Kingdom is revealed.

For the Necromancer Queen is not the only shadow of evil reaching forth.

And Anskar’s growing sorcerous abilities may be all that stands in the breach between the world of Wiraya and a second cataclysmic demon war.

Violence of Action (Forgotten Ruin #3) – Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

Speed, surprise, and aggression… Hit on Jackpot is go.

The scourge of the Savage Lands, an ancient dragon allied to a gathering storm of dark forces threatening the world of Ruin, becomes the next target of the most fearsome shock troops ever conceived, prepared, and trained for total war: U.S. Army Rangers.

Deep beneath a once-fantastic ruined empire, a creature more terrible, diabolical, and malevolent than any myth ever told lies atop a vast horde of wondrous treasure and deadly magic, dreaming dreams of greed and terror. The Rangers of the Ruin will thread the dangerous trap-laden depths of a deadly desolation sinking into a foul swamp in order to get their hit on the ancient prize.

But wyrm be warned, the fight you pick with Rangers… is going to be the last fight you pick.

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