Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 06 November 2021

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This week’s new releases feature Israeli soldiers in another world, cormorant princesses, cosmic chi cultivation battles, and the continuing adventures of Perry Rhodan.

Harbinger (Rise of the Peacemakers #10) – Kevin Ikenberry

As the Omega War unfurls, the Peacemaker Guild has fallen into disarray. The mysterious Counselor has manipulated Guild Master Rsach’s Crusaders into a cut-throat, authoritarian construct determined to make the peace galaxy-wide. To deal the final blow and transform the Guild forever, Counselor gathers Rsach and his closest allies at a remote location intent on assassination.

Jessica Francis, Earth’s first Peacemaker, has her own reasons to gather her friends and allies. The search for her father, James “Snowman” Francis has ended. The interstellar shipping magnate and mercenary commander has been captured by the Science Guild and a longtime rival with a grudge. As Jessica’s plan to rescue him suffers catastrophic losses, her very world is forever changed.

There is no time to recover as Force 25, commanded by Tara Mason, are the next victims of Counselor’s plan. To save her friend and still have a chance at rescuing her father, Jessica puts her faith in one of her father’s mysterious friends, Bull. Together, they launch a daring rescue to retrieve Snowman from a Science Guild outpost deep within the forbidden Fourth Arm. When the dust settles, nothing will ever be the same for anyone who manages to walk away.

Leviathan’s War (Battleship: Leviathan #2) – Craig Martelle

The Blaze are getting their direction and technology from those who had driven the Progenitors from the galaxy.

The Vestrall.

Leviathan takes his select humans to the frontlines in Earth’s war with the Blaze Collective to collect intelligence on where to find the Vestrall. The Blaze aren’t forthcoming.

They go farther, a thousand light-years behind enemy lines to a planet that used to be important. It’s no longer the home of the Vestrall but of a biomechanical race that is little more than drones.

Payne is convinced that their information will lead Leviathan to the heart of the Vestrall for a final battle for primacy. But they won’t give their knowledge easily. Their gods have commanded them to fight.

Because they carry a secret the Vestrall don’t want Leviathan to know.

Light Unto Another World: Volume 3 – Yakov Merkin

Uriel Makkis and his small group of friends have successfully escaped the Kingdom of Fulnar for the friendly, elf kingdom of Valtenar, but that doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier.

In a very short amount of time, Uriel has to convince the king that his ideas can give them a fighting chance once Fulnar brings the war to them. If only that was all he had to do.

Amid all the war preparations, he and his team must venture out toward the mountains, following a vision Uriel received about an ancient and powerful artifact known as the Sigil of Unity.

While he doesn’t know precisely what it is capable of, he cannot let the enemy secure yet another advantage over them.

What Uriel and his friends don’t realize is just how dangerous this journey will be. The powerful enemies he has faced before, the Sword or Earth, the Sword of Nature, and the Sword of Storms, will be just one of the dangers he and his friends will have to face on the quest for the Sigil.

The Paths of Cormanor – Jim Breyfogle

Amara is a young woman of Cormanor, a household whose womenfolk have the ability to transform into cormorants to fly and dive for fish. Kellen is the youngest prince of the realm, a seventh son of a seventh son, and wishes to see these remarkable women for himself.

During the pageantry upon the lake, Amara’s cousin falls into the water and is spirited away by the Grimly, a malign creature of the elder world! Kellen braves both water and monster to rescue the boy. However the Grimly manages to trap the prince’s soul and mark him for death! Amara tracks the Grimly to her lair, slays the wicked beast, and restores life to the young prince… but a piece of Kellen’s soul is trapped within Amara!

The death of the sinister Grimly is just the beginning—Kellen must find the means to recover his missing piece of soul, while Amara and her family are haunted by the vengeful offspring of the monster she had slain! Kellen and Amara each must undertake their own harrowing journey, meeting delightful friends and dastardly foes, along the Paths of Cormanor!

Jim Breyfogle’s beautiful new novel of fantastical romance is inspired by Eastern and Northern European myth and fairytale and sure to delight readers of all ages.

Perry Rhodan NEO #4 – Arndt Ellmer and Hubert Haensel

The utopian city has fallen! Terrania, which was supposed to be a new starting point for all of humanity, ends up in the Chinese army’s clutches after a nuclear explosion. Desperate to avoid arrest, Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull make a daring escape in a makeshift aircraft. All is not as it seems in Terrania, however. With the help of telepath John Marshall and his companions, General Bai Jun is getting ready to execute a plan that puts him starkly at odds with his government masters.

Meanwhile, Arkonide commander Thora da Zoltral is trapped on Venus after being shot down. As she begins to explore a puzzling ancient base, she starts to realize that this might not be the first time the Arkonides have ventured to our solar system.

Little does she know that as she investigates these new developments, back on Earth, her foster father is about to stand trial in the United States. With mankind unable to put aside its petty differences and come together, the promise of the stars looks as far away as ever.

Reaper (Cradle #10) – Will Wight

Sacred Valley has been saved…at least, what’s left of it.

With his home finally secure, Lindon delves deep into the ancient labyrinth, seeking long-lost Soulsmithing knowledge and the secret to destroying the Dreadgods. Monarchs plot against him and against each other, unaware of the threats gathering in realms beyond.

Far above Lindon and the Monarchs and the Dreadgods, another war is waged. Suriel and the Abidan clash against the Mad King and his forces in a battle for the fate of many worlds.

And if it is lost, Cradle will be destroyed.

The Restored Dragon (Cycle of Dragons #5) – D. K. Holmberg

A new cycle has formed, but it might not be enough to stop the spread of the murtar.

Ashan has returned to the Vard lands, becoming what his people claim him to be: a traitor. Now that he’s connected to the power of Affellah, the king will stop at nothing to bring him back. That includes attacking Ashan’s home and those he cares about.

Once again, he must leave the Vard lands before he can fully understand the power of Affellah. Saving his people has already meant betrayal. Can he still find a way to be their Servant?

Wayward Galaxy 3 – Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney

Three times the action. Three times the adventure. Th-three times the Brody.

Amir belongs to more than exotic and wild beasts. Alexa, Brody and the growing colony will cause long-hidden RUPAC elements to rise from the darkness, culminating in a struggle to control the new world.

As the enemies of the Osay will find, the most dangerous animals on the planet are Reach and the Rangers. But as the aftermath settles, the colonists realize that sometimes finding answers just leads to more questions…

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