Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 08 May, 2021

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Space opera dominates this week, with the return of Galaxy’s Edge and The Ember War, and more Four Horsemen.

Asylum – Lindsay Buroker

A young woman with cybernetic upgrades, Mari Moonrazor has decided to flee the restrictive machine-worshipping cult she was raised in. She longs to know what it’s like to live among normal humans and experience simple biological pleasures like consuming alcohol, kissing a boy, and—most importantly—eating chocolate.

But her mother, the infamous astroshaman leader Kyla Moonrazor, is determined to get her back, even if it means sending a bounty hunter after her.

Mari’s only hope for freedom is to be granted asylum from the leaders of the powerful Star Kingdom. First, she must prove that she has knowledge and resources she can offer them. Second, she has to earn their trust.

This all would have been easier if her people hadn’t bombed their planet…

Empire of Ashes (The Augmented #1) – Ben Hale

Across thousands of planets in the Krey Empire, all humans have a single title… Slave.

Born to oppression, Siena is an ordinary young woman, until an act of defiance leaves her scarred and marked as a rebel. She’s sold to Ero, a fallen Krey with a desperate plan to redeem his once-powerful family. He intends to enhance slaves by altering their genetic code, increasing their value through an illegal experiment.

Reklin, a bone-armored soldier, hunts them both. His orders come from a mysterious source, but his loyalty to the Empire has no limits.

Noble, soldier, and slave, they are about to discover a dangerous truth–that humans can be augmented. But none can predict the abilities they’ll unlock, or the rebellion they’ll unleash.

Eye of the Storm (Four Horsemen: Guild Wars #11) – Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy

The Dusman offered to let humanity become their servitors, but the leaders of Earth’s Four Horsemen were unified in their decision: no thanks.

With the Dusman returning in strength, though, and steadily growing their influence and armed presence, humanity finds itself in a difficult place. The Guild War continues to rage, with planets becoming increasingly desperate for nonexistent help, while the Mercenary Guild continues to sit on its hands, despite Nigel Shirazi’s attempts to break the deadlock.

However, events have transpired in the galaxy which have, once again, forced humanity into the center of the storm. We have been deemed a danger, and thus a target for neutralization. But not by the Mercenary Guild this time; instead, we’re in the cross hairs of the Science Guild, as our technological innovation cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.

Deadly plots have been unleashed not only to cripple Earth, but to assassinate Alexis Cromwell and her Winged Hussars, humanity’s only reliable space navy. And even if Alexis survives, that’s only the start of the Science Guild’s plan to turn Earth’s people against themselves. As the galaxy continues to splinter, there may not be any option but to take the fight to the Science Guild.

The Guild Wars aren’t over; this is only the eye of the storm.

Legacies (Galaxy’s Edge #11) – Jason Anspach and Nick Cole

Galaxy’s Edge returns with an all-new adrenaline-fueled season of the military sci-fi series!

With his duty to the Legion satisfied, Wraith sets out to find a lost member of his crew—the young girl, Prisma. But not only does the journey bring with it more death and destruction—and loss—than he ever imagined, it revives the shadows of a forgotten past… and the only way forward is to follow the footsteps of the legendary Tyrus Rechs.

Meanwhile, as the galaxy struggles to steady itself following the fall of a corrupt and bloated Republic, dangerous threats vie for power. These enemies include both the exceedingly modern and the impossibly ancient, awakening at long last to emerge from the darkness between the stars.

Lost Contact (The Bridge Sequence #1) – Nathan Hystad

Rex Walker always wanted to be like his father: a daring, adventurous man, traveling the world in pursuit of mysterious relics. Now Rex is the same age his father was when he disappeared without a trace.

While teaching anthropology at a Boston college, Rex attempts to bury the past, until he discovers a hidden clue he can’t ignore.

With the help of his sidekick Marcus, a former student turned protégé, he teams up with an alien-obsessed billionaire, and they search for the fabled Bridge.

As an unidentified object nears Pluto, speculation surges. The Believers, a fanatical cult, hail it as the homecoming of a distant alien race.

Will Rex solve the puzzle before it’s too late?

Manufacturing Magic (Jeff the Game Master #1) – Jaime Castle and Trey Osgood

Infinite Worlds is the most popular VRMMORPG on the market. Its maps are so vast, developer Hard Rock Data utilizes a network of highly advanced Artificial Intelligences to control it. But it’s not without problems.

That’s why Game Masters like Jeff Driscoll have jobs. The downside? He’s not allowed to play the game. Something about conflicts of interest and favoritism.

His very boring and tedious job is to help players deal with the occasional bug that slips through the cracks and ensure they enjoy their time playing enough to give a 5-star rating. It’s a gig. It pays the bills.

However, when the A.I.s unexpectedly issue a Rogue Patch, the game becomes a buggy mess and Jeff’s role radically changes. He finds himself as the only Game Master around, dealing with more problems than he can handle.

It’s up to Jeff to return Infinite Worlds to normalcy using his ability to manipulate the game’s code into what appears like magic… But will the A.I.s let him?

Steel Sworn (Ember War: The Ibarra Crusade #2) – Richard Fox

Ely Hale escaped the Geist, but their hunters are still on his trail and they want him dead or alive.

Linking up with the Crusade was supposed to be Ely’s salvation. Instead, he’s on a world under siege…and with no way out. The Crusade needs every soldier for the fight, even if that means Ely in a suit of Armor he barely knows how to use and with a hunk of alien tech in his skull that’s killing him slowly.

Ely is not Armor, but he’ll fight side by side with the Steel Sworn. His new lance are veteran soldiers, but even their skill and valor may not be enough to protect their newest member when the enemy come for him.

Meanwhile, the Geist get closer and closer to prying a secret out of Marc Ibarra. A secret that will change the galaxy forever.

Relentless (Fleet Ops #3) – Scott Bartlett and Joshua James

The brink of disaster

The Relentless is destroyed, and Captain Husher has fallen into a coma.

The Brood harries the battle group from all sides, and the end seems near.

Can the allied humans and aliens pull together to escape to the Milky Way and warn humanity of its impending doom?

The time of reckoning has come.

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