Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 1 August, 2020

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Discover interstellar cops, cyberpunk agents, and vengeance-driven chi cultivators in this week’s new releases.

Alliance Rising (The Star Guild Saga #3) – Brandon Ellis

The aliens want her dead. Easier said than done.

Ali, archaeologist and expert at cuneiform translation, knows about the long-departed Anunnaki slavers, not just because of the ancient writings she has found in Mesopotamia, but because she has their blood running through her veins.

Now Ali’s found a terrifying truth:

The Anunnaki are coming back.

The powers afforded by Ali’s dangerous mixed blood make it just conceivable she can stop them… once she hooks up with the Space Templars.

Oh, and they have to fix a little problem: the Anunnaki left behind portals all around the Earth through which they can pour millions of troops in a matter of minutes.

So the race is on:

Can Ali kill the portals before the Anunnaki kill her?

Edenet (Singularity Sunrise #1) – Kit Sun Cheah

The 22nd century brings an era of technological wonders—and horrors. Cybernetics and genetic engineering. Mass surveillance and social credit. Full body cyborgs and nanoscale engineering. And the pinnacle of human achievement: machine intelligence.

Edenet is the next generation of the Internet. Designed by Anatol Corporation, it will bring the power of a supercomputer to the fingertips of every user, anywhere in the world. At the heart of Edenet lies a cutting-edge artificial intelligence that regulates all traffic on the network.

And one of its lead scientists has disappeared.

Fearing the worst, Anatol hires psychic contractor James Morgan to track her down. Accompanying him is Eligia Ogrod, the mysterious assistant to Anatol’s CEO. Their investigation takes them through the militarized streets of Warsaw, a corporate fortress in Shenzhen, and the human hives of Hong Kong.

Morgan is no stranger to intrigue. Yet the deeper he digs, the more questions emerge. Who is Eligia Ogrod? What does Anatol want?

And what is the truth behind Edenet?

The Elements (Silver Coin Saga Book 1) – Mark Stallings

Death comes with the Harvest. Salvation lies in the Valley of the Moon, along the path of Martial Magic.

Xan always assumed he would be apprenticed to an herbalist in the sleepy village of Mogu and follow the Path of Peace, just like his father before him. It is the way—has always been the way.

But when his village is sacked by a raiding force of vicious monsters, corrupted by dark Qi, life as Xan knows it is over. Family dead. Villagers slain. His home burnt to ash.

Now, all Xan wants to do is figure out why his people were targeted and get revenge on the merciless creatures sweeping across the continent like a plague of locusts. Spreading their vile corruption. His only hope at salvation and retribution lies in the Valley of the Moon, at the fabled Xing Yi School of Martial Magic. If he is to succeed, he will need to learn to cultivate the energy of the elements, hone his martial and crafting skills, and complete the school’s harsh tests and trials. It will take more than a passing grade at this school, though, and not all that fail survive the experience…

Memetic Drift (Sol Arbiter #4) – J. N. Chaney and Jia Shen

“They call us Arbiters. We arbitrate conflict to keep the peace.”

In 2853, humanity has established a presence across the solar system. Linked by a network of FTL gateways called Boson Apertures, travel between the 7 colonized worlds and thousands of space colonies takes only hours.

The Sol Federation is the final authority, and the Arbiters travel the system to maintain order.

In 2854, Section 9 uncovers the location of an illegal technology that could unmask a member of The Eleven, their mysterious enemy. Tycho Barrett is grievously wounded during a mission to seize this technology from aboard a ship docked in a remote settlement on Europa, his life saved with cutting-edge cybernetic augmentation.

Tycho and Section 9 must now race against both time and a revenant from the past to recapture the ship and its cargo before the trail vanishes and The Eleven once again return to the shadows.

The Last Voyage (Star Smuggler #1) – T. S. Snow

He’s a criminal. She’s far from it.

Together, they’re Earth’s last hope… they just don’t know it yet.

Sinbad sh’en Singh had everything. A thriving smuggling career, his hologram on wanted posters on eleven planets, and plenty of women. Then she walked into his life.

Andrea Talltrees, member of a backwards cult not believing in space travel or anything else invented after the Twentieth Century.

She wants him to find her husband, a fugitive accused of being an Albegensian spy, the planet currently at war with Earth.

He doesn’t want anything to do with an Earther, but a massive culture clash and a heavy dose of instant attraction get in the way, sending good sense flying out the viewport.

They’ll brave some very unsavory characters, maybe even prevent a second interplanetary war…if they can stop arguing.


The Pulp Mindset: A NewPub Survival Guide – J. D. Cowan

Out with the Old, in with the NewPub

Nobody reads anymore. In an age where audiences consume more art than ever before, books have remained irrelevant to the ever-changing West. Nothing seems to change this unavoidable reality. The industry is over.

Or is it?

A new frontier has opened where anything goes! We live in a pulp landscape now, a place where the past and present comes together to create a better future. In this book you will learn just what this NewPub world is, how to adapt to it, and change the way you think about everything.

The Rules Have Changed!

You can do anything! The Pulp Mindset will help you adapt to this crazy climate and become the best artist you can be. Read on and join the revolution!

They Call Me Princess (The Fallen World Book 8) – J. P. Chandler

When the Corporate Wars destroyed civilization, the coastal city of Eureka, California, found itself cut off from rest of the world by dangerous radiation zones that killed anyone trying to cross them. In the years following the catastrophe, the community stabilized and found ways to meet its needs—and even thrive—despite the constant challenges.

However, while the radiation zones which created the Eureka Bubble protected the area from the worst ravages of the apocalypse, they also caused severe resource limitations which have become more acute over time and, eventually, the Bubble is going to burst.

Sheltered from even the few dangers of life in the Bubble by her over-protective brother Scott, Kelly Ansen grew up with no memory of her parents or the old world. She contented herself with her simple country home, scratching out a quiet and comfortable existence.

But when she learns the truth about her life and how she became a refugee in the little haven, she is faced with an uncertain future. Reviled by some of her neighbors, there’s no way for her life to return to normal. With the Bubble facing the end of its isolation, though, she is given a new opportunity. Can she carve out a fitting role for herself in this Fallen World?

Wizard Watch (Dragon Wars #8) – Craig Halloran

Ousted through space and time, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive quickly learn that the world is in worse shape than when they left it. 

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Grey Cloak is onset by a sudden and mysterious life-threatening illness. With his brother’s life in his hands, Dyphestive crosses a barren wasteland with blood thirsty nomads hunting him down. He must protect his brother at all costs before time runs out. 

Separated from allies and civilization, the blood brothers must survive at all costs, for a greater evil has swept the world enhancing the omnipotent power of Black Frost and his terrifying minions. 

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