Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 10 October, 2020

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Space truckers, murderhobos, Hell invaders, and the Dragon Spooker fill this week’s new releases..

The Godblade – J. Christopher Tarpley

The warrior-smith Rænon, after witnessing the return of Brakur the Insane God, has returned to his homeland in Aelbrond. Now he must seek the tomb of the dead god Farick for the remains he needs to pyre-forge The Godblade, the only sword that can kill Brakur and stand against the nefarious cult of Arhai. Will the armies sworn to the cult sweep through the lands of Arginor or can Rænon bring the forces of Aelbrond together to stop them? Will cold steel prevail over sorcery and the dark gods?

Find out in The Godblade.

The Minoan Manifest (Harvey Bennett Thrillers #10) – Nick Thacker

10,000 years ago, Antarctica was not the frozen continent we know. And 6,000 years ago, they were visited by the Minoan civilization. What they found there was incredible: they weren’t alone.

When a Russian exploratory and science team discovers something miraculous on the coast of Antarctica, they race to tell their government about the strange findings. Instead of rejoicing, they are silenced.

Halfway across the world, Dr. Sarah Lindgren is tapped to help a US-based committee determine the answer to a puzzling anomaly. She engages the help of her boyfriend, Gareth Red, and his group, the Civilian Special Operations. It seems something is happening on the world’s southernmost continent, and the committee needs boots on the ground to find out what it is.

But before they leave, the CSO group finds out something else:

They aren’t the only group on the hunt.

Join Harvey “Ben” Bennett, Juliette Richardson, Dr. Sarah Lindgren, and Gareth Red as they embark on yet another world-spanning adventure.

No Fail (Dark Operator #3) – Doc Spears, Jason Anspach, and Nick Cole

Failure is a Hateful Word

For Dark Ops Sergeant Kel Turner, it’s unthinkable. Until now. Kill teams are accustomed to achieving the impossible, and Kill Team Three has done the impossible more than any other. Tasked with mission after mission, against a never-ending list of enemies, Kel and Three brace themselves to rise to the occasion yet again.

Kel lived under no doubts about his kill team’s ability to win against any odds, until an enemy thought long defeated reappears. From a dingy city locked in the center of a cold war to a nightmarish alien landscape, the one constant that defines their latest missions is that a kill team is always alone.

Living in the black world of covert operations, there are secrets, then there are secrets. The first might lead to his death. The second might lead to failure.

For this Dark Operator, in a galaxy filled with potentials, death is preferable to failure.

Operation Reaper (Murphy’s War #2) – Steve G. Johnson

The assault on hell has commenced!

When your enemy’s vampires are powered by the Devil himself, how can you win? By carrying the war to the Devil’s home ground, and Mick Murphy and his Hellbusters are about to become a giant pain in the Devil’s rear areas.

Company C went down fighting…then they woke up in Hell. Now they’re raising plenty of it behind Enemy lines, ambushing ogres and raiding demon camps for supplies. You can kill ‘em, but you can’t put ‘em down for good.

With Patton building forces at the upper edge of the Infernal Theater of Operations, and Mick’s boys halfway to the bottom, the two forces need to link up before they’re destroyed piecemeal. Happily, the walking dead of Lucifer’s legions aren’t up against panicked mortals this time, but the running, shooting, booby-trapping, and bayonetting dead!

Although Hell may not be creative, though, they’ve got an awful lot of assets. Like the Reaper, a towering, ghostly stalker whose scythe cuts down the Americans like wheat—then raises them back up like vampires!

What’s a GI supposed to do—lay down and die? Not in this man’s, Elf’s, Dwarf’s and Troll’s Army! And, after Spain, Poland, and the Alps, the Reaper’s just one more impossible they have to do…if they can.

The Risen Shard (The Chain Breaker #1) – D. K. Holmberg

An assassin with no rival meets a magic he cannot defeat. The Chain Breaker Series begins.

Trained to kill from a young age, Gavin Lorren finally escaped that life. No more killing innocents. No more working alone. The jobs are still dangerous, but at least he can choose.

Now an old friend has invited him to the city of Yoran where the work is plentiful. The Roasted Dragon tavern is rough but cozy. The regulars are seedy but welcoming. The owner Jessica is fond of him. It’s almost too good to be true.

His good fortune is fleeting. Gavin finds himself facing a new enemy, fast and deadly El’aras warriors—an ancient race with innate magical talent. By the time he learns sorcery is involved, he’s in too deep. To succeed, he’ll have to uncover parts of his past that he’d hoped to forget.

It will take an assassin without equal to survive.

It will take the Chain Breaker.

Something (Full Murderhobo #1) – Dakota Krout

Trapped between worlds. Potential might be the way out. Time to kill Something.

Luke is an apprentice leather worker, training with his family to one day take over the business. He and his friends Andre, Taylor, and Zed have known each other forever, and swear that nothing will ever tear apart their friendship.

Then the Royal Decree comes. With the Dynasty of Dogs invading, and strange monsters appearing in the Hollow Kingdom, a draft has been implemented. Everyone seventeen or older is required to be tested for ‘Potential’. If they have it, they will join the mysterious and renowned Ascender Corps. If not, they will be drafted into the Legion as a forced recruit.

Three of the friends test as powerful, or dangerous, classes of Ascender. Luke is found to have Potential, barely, but when he steps through the portal to begin his training… he is pulled to a plane that shouldn’t exist. With no class trainer, the possibility of survival is low. Luke decides that he wants to live, and keeping his humanity isn’t going to help.

His best chance is going Full Murderhobo.

Sudden Storm (SuddenVerse #3) – Jon Mollison

Beset by enemies on all sides, Captain E.Z. Sudden finds himself in a desperate race to find allies who can back his play to save the Majesterium from a secretive enemy, a simmering civil war, the threat of organized crime, and an invasion by the machine empire all at the same time. This third installment of his adventures carries the blue collar hero from Roamer colonies to prison planets and all the way to the seat of the greatest power in the galaxy in a desperate bid to keep the universe safe not only for its own sake but for that of his wife and unborn child.

It’s more high-spirited adventure in a galaxy where nothing is as it seems, and the common man little realizes the battles for power that rage behind the scenes. Until he does, and then it is the turn of the powers that be to learn of the power of one righteous little guy in the face of overwhelming evil.

Slayers: The Sorceress of Atlas – Hajime Kanzaka

At last, Atlas City! Time to put our feet up and enjoy that urban life. You know, some good food, a bar brawl or two, beating up assassins, intervening in politics, solving a kidnapping… Wait, what?! No! This sounds like work! Great, and now we’ve got demons stalking us and spike-shooting wolves pouring in through the windows! Guess I’ll have to clean up this mess before I get my R&R…

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