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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 11 December 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 11 December 2021

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Malfunctioning armadas, culinary orcs, and ancient rebel angels fill this week’s new releases.

Acheron Redemption (Federation Chronicles #3) – Ken Lozito

Sentinel warships were the answer to the Federation Wars. They brought peace and stability…or so they thought.

The Sentinels are a menace, terrorizing spacers across the galaxy in their hunt. But change is coming, and spacers across the galaxy will have to choose whether to fight for their future.

Quinton thought the Sentinels were malfunctioning fleets of warships left over from the Federation Wars, but they’re much worse. They’re an instrument of control meant to hold the galaxy stagnant in its development.

With Sentinel fleets preparing a major incursion, Admiral Quinton Aldren must get the new Alliance space navy into fighting shape. But how can he build an armada when most spacers believe he’s the enemy?

Quinton will fight. All that remains is how many spacers will join him to fight for humanity’s future.

Alchemist Arcanist (The Alchemist #5) – D. K. Holmberg and Dan Michaelson

The Nighlan have been defeated but the real danger begins.

Now that Rasan Tel has revealed his plan, Sam must find a way to seal him back into his prison. The barrier has weakened, and only Sam’s vrandel serves as a lock holding him back.

When an attack nearly severs Sam from the source, he must find a new way of stopping Rasan Tel. The key rests in what he’s learned during his time in the Academy—if only he’s strong enough to find it.

Alchemy and the arcane arts must combine to stop the war, but without a way of reaching the source, how can Sam stop the threat?

Cleaver’s Edge (Morcster Chef #1) – Actus

Adventurers seek dungeons for riches. Heroes storm great fortresses. Gods clash far above.

Arek cooks lasagna and tops it with a dash of finely chopped basil.

An orc who has seen more than his fair amount of fighting, Arek wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his days cooking and away from the chaos of combat.

However, when Ming and her group of adventurers hire him as their full-time chef, his plans of avoiding violence crumble. He longs to leave his blood-soaked mistakes in his past, but old friends and foes have different ideas.

House Omega (Marshals of Rhea #1) – Gus Harris-Reid

Mechs, Machine-magic, and Monsters…

For over a hundred cycles, the Marshals of Rhea have defended their strongholds against the wastelands’ many dangers, from vicious raiders to mechanical beasts. To fight these foes they pilot Chargers: eighteen-foot mechs engineered by the secretive Armorers’ Guild.

At Clarion, the ancient stronghold of House Omega, anticipation is high as the Marshals gather for a major hunting expedition. But when disaster strikes and House Omega is left leaderless, it falls to no-nonsense Head Cook Xanthe to investigate. She’s not alone, however, and is aided by an unlikely group of individuals including a haughty young noblewoman, a world-weary Armorer, a fastidious bodyguard, and a whimsical assassin.

As they endeavor to solve this tragic mystery, they unveil truths about their world, themselves, and each other that perhaps should have stayed hidden—for what they ultimately discover will shake their techno-feudal civilization to its very foundations…

Leviathan’s Last Battle (Battleship: Leviathan #3) – Craig Martelle

The Vestrall fight back, but Leviathan stands in their way. And Major Payne opens a new front in the war.

His goal is nothing less than turning the Vestrall’s allies against them to bring peace to the galaxy.

The Vestrall exist, and they have secrets. The war will continue because it suits them.

Humanity must confront the real enemy. They must win or the war will continue for another thousand years. There’s only one ship that can do what needs to be done.

Leviathan goes on the offensive, traveling deep into Vestrall space to find them and eliminate their ability to make war.

An attack the likes of which the galaxy has never seen.

One last battle to determine humanity’s fate.

New Galaxy (The Survivors #18) – Nathan Hystad

A second Recaster. A dangerous ally. The end of all.

Dean Parker is looking to take charge of the Alliance of Worlds, but when Shimmal’s new leader decides otherwise, they’re left with one less partner.

Jules is on the trail of the Planner, an ancient entity determined to claim the title of Recaster from Dean.

When Dean visits Orlin, the Planner’s home world, he finds a trail of manufactured portals, taking him on the ride of a lifetime.

All paths converge in space and time for the most exciting Survivors tale yet.

Not Far from Eden – J. Manfred Weischel

When angels lie with women, the fate of man hangs in the balance!

The angelic Watchers of antediluvian earth have one God-given mission – to educate the primitive human population. But Edna has more interesting things to do than schoolwork. When she notices that Samyaza, the leader of the Watchers, has taken a prurient interest in her, Edna comes up with a plan: flirt with him to get better grades. After all, what does it matter? Angels just aren’t built for that.

But angels have powers Edna is unaware of. When the men are exiled to the mountains, the women of earth are left in the clutches of the Watchers. Can she resist their advances and keep from becoming the mother of great evil?


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