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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 13 February, 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 13 February, 2021

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Ancient dungeon administrators, hidden Terran rebels, and rival military services lead this week’s new release list.

Anima (Artorian’s Archives #6) – Dennis Vanderkerken and Dakota Krout

New world. Old problems. Even gods must die.

Artorian has been given the lovely opportunity to run a realm and sort out all of its inherent issues. Not only does he get to chase around people with world-shattering abilities and force them into hibernation, he gets to break up his days by living through the worst portions of his life all over again. Nothing like trauma to fuel personal growth!

Nasty creatures Artorian thought were gone forever have begun appearing in the dark corners of the world, smiling at him with too many teeth. Between constant battles, Cal’s newfound love for math and pylons, the early stages of a world-spanning game system, and grumpy supervisors who refuse their bedtime…the sunny administrator has his now-tiny hands full.

Exactly how he likes it.

Crusade of Vengeance (Crimson Worlds Refugees #6) – Jay Allan

Earth Two is a world almost consumed by dangers, on the brink of civil war between the cloned “Tanks,” the “Natural Borns” and the hybrid “Mules.” The only thing that has prevented actual fighting, a conflict that may destroy the young planet, is the existence of an even worse enemy, one that sees the three groupings as part of the same infection. The Regent and the deadly threat of the First Imperium’s robot warriors has provided sufficient fear and incentive to force the human groupings together, to hold off their own contest.

For more than thirty years, President Max Harmon and his inner circle have struggled to find the enemy’s location, all while keeping their own planet a secret. But as with all such things, an end must come. Sooner or later, the enemy will discover them…or they it.

Or both.

Curse Quest (Godchosen #3) – T. S. Snow

Riven kan Ingan may have married his beloved Barbara. He may have become a noble by the margrave’s grace but the gods aren’t finished with him.

Not yet.

Though Riven admits married life makes him a lovestruck fool, he refuses to be the cuckold when he returns from battle to find his wife pregnant with a child he couldn’t have sired. In a fury at her supposed infidelity, he dares the gods’ wrath and abandons her, only to become the scapegoat when a blood curse strikes his people.

Haunted by Barbara’s memory, Riven begins a quest to find the one who cursed him. He’ll return to the land of his birth, unearth long-hidden family secrets, and suffer more loss and grief.

Only when his pride is ground to dust and he’s dependent upon an old enemy’s mercy will he be free to rid himself of the blood curse.

The Fall of Rho-Torkis (Chimera Company #1) – Tim C. Taylor

When your worst enemy has your back, you know the mission is doomed from the start.

Sergeant Osu Sybutu of the Legion had a simple mission. Take five men and travel unobserved to a location in the capital where he would deliver a coded phrase to a contact. Simple, that is, except for the fact that there was a war going on, and all the different factions he had to pass by on the way would cheerfully shoot him on sight. And that was only if the planet didn’t kill him first.

Militia Sergeant Vetch Arunsen’s task, however, was far more complex. Shepherd a group of hated rivals across the frozen wastes, keeping them safe from everyone who wanted to kill them, which was pretty much everyone. Including the oddball troopers under Arunsen’s own command, who would happily shoot the Legion soldiers if given the slightest opportunity.

Legion versus Militia. Joint defenders of the Federation. In theory. Their mutual loathing, however, could burn the armor plate off a battleship. For rival sergeants Sybutu and Arunsen, there’s only one way their squads could survive trekking across the iceworld of Rho-Torkis.

Legion and Militia.

The Ghost Tower (Kingmaker Saga #3) – Thomas K. Carpenter and Rachel J. Carpenter

Finally reunited with his friends, Terran faces a blight which threatens the health of Mother Tree

As they hunt down the source of the rot, each of the companions struggle to find their place within the group. Together they learn that their world is not the new home for their gaming minds that they expected, but one with a long dangerous history. If they cannot sniff out the cunning traps that have been laid before them, then they’ll end up like everyone else who has been thrust into these troubled lands—


Invasive Species – Ben Stevens

He was born and bred to fight for the purity of the planet….

Upon graduation, Super-soldier Jon 310-257 is ready to fight for his home. The city-state-fortress is a shining beacon of hope for all the survivors of the human race, keeping them safe from the swirling forces of chaos outside its walls. And Jon is ready to defend his home at all costs.

But a shadow creeps nearer, obscuring a dark secret, a secret that Jon never expected. And when a sworn enemy makes contact, everything he knows is turned upside down. Now, it’s up to Jon to discover what it truly means to be a hero.

Does he have the strength and courage to become what he was destined to be? To become Humanity’s last hope?

Not Alone: The Awakening – Craig A. Falconer

We were watching the sky. They were already here.

In one harrowingly destructive instant, a mysterious seismic pulse in the Scottish Highlands rips away all semblance of global security.

Complacency grew in the years since Dan McCarthy brought humanity into contact with intelligent aliens, but those days are gone.

When peace is shattered, fear takes over.

As the pulse’s chaos spreads, it becomes painfully clear that Dan’s teenage daughter Piper — a child born like no other — might hold humanity’s only hope of averting total disaster.

The danger to Earth is imminent. The danger to Piper McCarthy hardly bears thinking about.

And this threat isn’t coming from the stars.

This time, it’s been here all along…

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