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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 15 April 2023 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 15 April 2023

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Every week, the Castalia House Blog spotlights some of the many new releases in independent, pulp, and web novel-influenced science fiction and fantasy.

Advent of Eternity (Shattered System #1) – Actus

A ruthless tactician. A pantheon of traitor gods. A quest for revenge.

The Gods were believed to be immortal. To exist so far outside the natural laws of the universe that their crimes were unpunishable. Countless had tried to break free of their rule, but all were left broken.

A clock hung over the head of every mortal, counting down from their birth to the inescapable day that the Goddess of Death claimed them.

Knell Coda was never born. He came into the world outside the reaches of the gods, to a family who had committed the cardinal sin of defying their rule. Had they left him alone, perhaps the world would have remained as it was.

Instead, their meddling wound the hands on a new clock – one that hung above the heads of the gods rather than mortals. Because of their blunder, Knell learns the one secret that they desperately wanted to keep.

The Gods can be tricked. They can be defeated. They can die.

To most, seeking the head of a goddess would be the actions of a madman. To Knell, it is an inevitability. Together with his loyal crew, he will use his deadly cunning and grow strong enough to claim his revenge – no matter the cost.

Children of the Fall (The Fallen World #19) – J. P. Chandler

Kelly Ansen—“Princess” to her friends—brokered an agreement to resolve the growing strife between factions competing for control of her beloved Eureka Bubble.

Before her plan could be implemented, though, her estranged father, Ansen Pringle, kidnapped her sisters, Chelsea and Nicole, to force Princess to join him on a trip to Hawaii. The voyage across the wild oceans is long, with little hope of making it there safely… and even less of returning. Kelly has no choice, though. To save her sisters, she must go.

Kelly’s friends and allies will stop at nothing to rescue her, especially her brother Scott and her boyfriend Morgan Campbell. While Morgan completes his mission at home, Scott goes to bring her back. Ansen Pringle and other dangers in this Fallen World must be reckoned with, but the question remains… are they ready for an angry Scott?

Dragon Unity (Blood of the Ancients #12) – Dan Michaelson and D. K. Holmberg

One herald has been stopped. Rob must progress to stop them all.

With the Eternal now captive, Rob wants answers. A greater danger is coming, and it’s one he knows nothing about.

But the Eternal refuses to tell him anything.

Rob knows other heralds will come. As the borders of his realm are attacked, his mastery of unity is key to stopping them—only this time it’s not strong enough.

He needs more power. He needs to progress.

But how can he progress when he doesn’t know what comes next?

And can he do it before this overwhelming power reaches his land?

A Ranger’s Journey (The Last Eternal #4) – Jacob Peppers

Death was coming.

That was nothing new, for death had been coming for the wanderer for a long time now.

But this time, it did not just come for him. It came for Dekker and his family, for Clint and the Perishables, and the villagers of Alhs.

Death was coming. And it was he who had called it.

But the wanderer has lived more than a century and one of the things he learned was that the worst monsters, the worst evils a man faced were those he brought with him. Those evils were coming—they had been coming for a long time now. For the last century he had survived by running, by staying one step ahead.

But the time for running was coming to an end.

After all, a man could not flee from his demons forever. Sooner or later, he must stand and face them.

Where Dinosaurs Roam (Mintari #2) – Daniel Arenson

Mintari. A world of dinosaurs. A planet beyond time.

On Mintari, dinosaurs live again. Brontosaurs roam the forests. Mosasaurs haunt the deep blue seas. Tyrannosaurs prowl the plains. Life thrives.

Yet life is also fragile. Amissa Triplehorn, a deadly huntress, leads an army of poachers. They sweep across Mintari, armed with modern weapons. Burning. Killing. Mintari bleeds.

Only one man can stop Amissa. Her brother.

Joe Triplehorn is a Mintari Ranger. He vowed to defend the dinosaurs. To kill poachers. But could he truly kill his own sister?

Meanwhile, young Figaro is torn between two worlds. Dinosaurs raised her. Yet she is human. As Mintari blazes in war, Figaro must choose her loyalties. Will she live as a human? Or a dinosaur?

Anvil: Iron Age Magazine – a crowd funding campaign by IronAge Media

In this age of derivative and propagandistic mainstream media, creators across mediums and genres have begun pushing back. ANVIL celebrates and highlights those artists and authors drawing inspiration from the roots of comics and pulp. Heralding the rediscovery and refocus on quality over ideology which is already underway, and gaining momentum.

ANVIL is the first official step into the world of publishing by IronAge.Media, a site focused on connecting Iron Age creators with new fans. The dedication and growth from the community surrounding this site has allowed me to pull together a fantastic team to bring this magazine to fruition. Daniel P. Riley, of Whimsyland as Editor and Jacob Calta of 365 Infantry as Designer. Together with the fantastic Iron Age authors and artists we’ve collaborated with, the first issue is over a hundred pages of pure talent guaranteed to blow you away.

Catch an early glimpse of RazörFist and George Alexopoulos’ upcoming Hellfire and Brimstone Western comic!

The crowd-funded campaign will close on 2 May, 2023.

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