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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 15 October 2022 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 15 October 2022

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Blue Saint (St. Tommy N.Y.P.D. #12) – Declan Finn

Terrorists destroyed a church by supernatural means. Trans surgery patients have disappeared. Chinese spies have been slaughtered. MS-13 are on the march. A hurricane is coming.

This is one storm coming straight for Thomas Nolan.

Old enemies want him, his city, and everyone he loves destroyed. Every choice, every ally, every enemy, has all come to this.

All Hell is about to break loose.

If Tommy is going to die, he’s going to take them with him.

A Dream of Wings & Flame – Cale Plamman

The blood of dragons pumps through his veins. Greatness awaits!

Kobolds cower at the bottom of the foodchain, forced to eke out a meager existence in the most wretched of caves.

Most have made peace with their lot in life; one of eating scraps and carrion. They hide and run from predators, delaying the inevitable day when they aren’t fast or sneaky enough to make their escape.

But not Samazzar. Sam is different from other Kobold pups.

Traps and caves might keep him and his people alive, but sometimes, just living isn’t enough. Dragon blood runs through him, and Sam isn’t willing to settle for mere survival. Whether by claw, magic, or cunning, one day he will soar above the plains, predator rather than prey.

And nothing–be it the mockery of his tribe, the hazards of the deep caves, or even the almost insurmountable difficulty of successfully evolving his bloodline–nothing is going to stop him.

The Pale City (Rites of Resurrection #1) – Marshall J. Moore

Only the dead can save the living.

In Albastine, the dead are made into mindless servants known as Attendants, incapable of harming the living unless commanded to by the soldier-necromancer Legates.

Forced into an early retirement, Legate Gaius Cassius Calvus struggles to find purpose in his civilian life—until he is called upon to examine the apparent suicide of one of Albastine’s senators. Cassius’s necromantic powers reveal that the man was murdered—and the weapon used to kill him was an Attendant.

Knowing that only another Legate could command an Attendant to kill, Cassius sets out to discover the truth behind the assassination. His investigation leads him through the foggy streets and brooding towers of Albastine as he slowly uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to shake the Pale City to its very foundations. Should he fail, the Republic he has sworn his life—and death—to serve falls with him.

Raven’s Peace (Peacekeepers of Sol #1) – Glynn Stewart

Ten thousand stars, once chained, taste freedom
An eternal empire, once undefeated, falls to pieces
An alliance, once united, now lacks a common foe
War was hard enough. Peace may be impossible

For seventeen years, Colonel Henry Wong and the United Planets Space Force have fought the Kenmiri Empire. They drove the alien overlords back from humanity’s borders into their own stars and found allies among the Kenmiri’s slaves and subjects.

Now the war is over. A great Gathering has been called of the allies who fought the war, but they only ever shared a common enemy. With the Kenmiri in retreat, a thousand new agendas are revealed.

The United Planets Alliance wants peace above all else. Their allies want everything from new homes to new empires – and all too many of them are prepared to do anything to achieve their goals!

Requiem for a Soldier (The Last Eternal #2) – Jacob Peppers

The truest stories are written in blood.

The wanderer knows this, for over the last century he has lived those stories, has seen them scrawled in his blood or the blood of others.

Others like those dead Perishables scattered about the noble’s courtyard, like those servants of the enemy, mortal and not, lying beside them.

And yet…he knows it is only the beginning.

They are coming.

Servants of the enemy, creatures forged and fashioned for one purpose and one purpose only—to kill anything in their path. And now their path leads them directly to the wanderer, to the Perishables, and to the family he has sworn to protect.

The story is not yet finished.

There is more tale yet to be told, and more blood needed for the telling of it.

The cursed blade has been unsheathed, the lone wanderer wanders alone no longer.

Sky World (Undying Mercenaries #18) – B. V. Larson

The Galactics arrived with their battle fleet in 2052. Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell-burners, Earth joined their vast Empire. Swearing allegiance to our distant alien overlords wasn’t the only requirement for survival. We also had to have something of value to trade, something that neighboring planets would pay their hard-earned credits to buy. As most of the local worlds were too civilized to have a proper army, the only valuable service Earth could provide came in the form of soldiers…someone had to do their dirty work for them, their fighting and dying.

Earth is locked in a dangerous arms race with Rigel. McGill’s efforts at diplomacy are disastrous. Events spin out of control, and interstellar warfare consumes the outer provinces of the Empire. Great fleets are gathered, and troops are hurried aboard transports. Legion Varus is launched toward a secret target world.

McGill leads an early strike against Rigel’s defenses, but his efforts are foiled at every turn. Who could be behind these betrayals? Could his own government be plotting his demise?

The Cross-Time Crusade – A Kickstarter campaign by Robert Kroese

A secret cabal of demonic forces threatens to destroy civilization and plunge the world into a new Dark Age. Humanity’s only chance is a shadowy organization called GRAIL–the modern day heirs to the Knights Templar–which has discovered the secret to time travel. The past cannot be changed, but if GRAIL can send an agent into the past to recover a lost book on demonology called the Codex Babylon, they may have a fighting chance to save humanity from utter destruction.

The Knights Templar have been shrouded in mystery since their inception. Who were they, exactly? Why was the order formed? What was their role in the Crusades, and what were their relations with heretical groups like the Cathars, the Arabs and Turks who fought with them for control of the Holy Land, and the mysterious order known as the Assassins? What was the reason for their sudden betrayal, persecution and dissolution? Was there any truth to the charges of heresy or worship of a demonic entity called Baphomet? And most pressing, have the Templars survived in some form to the present day?

The Cross-Time Crusade books will provide some possible answers to those questions–but the books are only part of the story. You will be invited to solve some of the mysteries yourself, and if you’re particularly adept, you’ll even get a chance to help shape how future books unfold.

Open until 21 October 2022.

The Final Home (The Swordbringer #3) – A Kickstarter Campaign by Alexander Hellene

The Reaper has landed! His mission: Find the secret of immortality and destroy any who stand in his way.

With the Global Union closing and Pysh in shambles, a bitter enemy may be humanity’s only hope. Garrett and Ghryxa lead an envoy to Kharvalar with a proposal for the High Lord: join forces to fight the Global Union or Yxakh will be doomed. But Kharvalar, besieged by lizardmen, giant serpents, and ancient foes from beyond the western wastes, has troubles of its own. Old enmities, prophecies fulfilled, and interstellar war collide in the explosive conclusion to The Swordbringer, with the fates of two planets hanging in the balance!

Open until 21 November 2022.

“PENANCE” YA Superhero Novel Illustrated & Audio Editions – a Kickstarter campaign by Paula Richey

Penance Copper won’t be a tool for evil any longer!

For as long as she can remember, Penance has belonged to Acid, a criminal boss with his hands in everything from superpower-enhancing drugs to human trafficking. She’s tried to escape before, but her ability to generate electrical frequencies with just a thought make her too valuable as an electronic lockpicker to let go. Now, she’s gotten strong enough that there’s a new use for her powers – as an assassin.

Penance doesn’t want to be a murderer. But when she breaks away from Acid and tries to join up with the heroes she had been sent to target, she becomes embroiled in an intergalactic conflict.

Open until 31 October 2022.

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