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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 16 April 2022 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 16 April 2022

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The Broken Man: The Rise of the Fisher King – Hawkings Austin

A Shadow Man is stalking the children of Ard, leaving the dead lying in the forest with their eyes black pits. The people are in a panic, but the investigating Ruad philosophers have no explanation. Seeking someone to blame, the people of the ancient city of Ard demand the head of the most dangerous person in their midst, the giant Waylaid.

Once great among the Fomor – a prince, a sorcerer, a priest – Waylaid has been cast out by his people. He has come to Ard with his Bolg apprentice, Piju, to live quietly and study in Brea’s library. Can he escape the maddened crowed and find the killer without breaking his vow to give up sorcery?

And has he failed to teach his young and impetuous apprentice the most important lesson of them all, that the price of using sorcery is always too high?

Darkness and Stone (The Lost #3) – Peter Nealen

Debts Owed. Debts Paid.

After the hunt for the vampire, Conor McCall’s Recon Platoon and their Tuacha allies can turn their attention to unfinished business. The Marines lost men in the Land of Ice and Monsters. They only know that those men are missing.

Without a body, ain’t nobody dead.

In search of their missing comrades—and Mathghaman Mag Cathal’s old nemesis—they return to the north.

Only to stumble into a bigger war than they’d expected. Their only allies in that harsh, frozen, haunted land are besieged by forces wielding powers they’ve only seen once before.

Now they must face terrible sorcery and horrific odds, as the question remains:

Will they accomplish their mission… Or die trying?

Escaping Gravity (Infinite Horizons #1) – J. D. Sullivan

Dillon Mackey has always wanted to travel the stars…

When brilliant scientist and inventor Sherisza Rousilarru offers him an apprenticeship aboard her starship, he leaps at the chance to escape a boring future in the law.

But she’s not the last of her kind for no reason. Dillon finds himself caught up in intrigue and adventure across systems, empires, and alien worlds he’d only dreamt of ever seeing.

Just what other secrets does his reclusive mentor hide? And will being her apprentice make him a target of her enemies?

Into the Fire (Morcster Chef #2) – Actus

It’s lasagna time!

After successfully ranking up together with the rest of the Happy Sunflowers, Arek and his party are ready to kick back and enjoy some much needed relaxation. However, they can’t can’t seem to stay out of trouble for long. After mistakenly angering a ruthless guild, they are forced to flee Riverfall.

They set off for Red Mount, hoping to wait out the storm, but an even greater threat lies in wait for them. Arek’s old life threatens to spill out into his new one as the magical runes he had destroyed slowly gain power once more, but he’s determined to keep cooking for those in need – even if it costs him everything.

Kairos: The Last Gods – Maxime J. Durand

Divine power is not given. It is taken.

It’s been centuries since mortals unlocked the secrets of the Fate System and overthrew Mount Olympus, leaving the Old Gods dead and their thrones empty.

Kairos, a young pirate with the ability to speak with animals, has dreams to ascend as the newest deity of a flooded world. Though it will take more than ambition, charisma, and a ship to do so.

He must sail the endless sea, tame fearsome monsters, and conquer new lands. The challenges are many, but he will face them all. For Kairos is a cunning [Rogue] indeed…

Painting the Mists: Clear Sky – Patrick Laplante

To Create, one must also Destroy…

Life for Cha Ming is a daily grind. One where no one gets to make any real decisions. So when a mysterious artifact destroys his past life and gives him another, he doesn’t hesitate to begin his journey as an immortal cultivator.

Mastering the five elements isn’t easy, but Cha Ming has something others don’t: the artifact that brought him to this world in the first place. Add in a few academy friends, a ghostly tutor, and a baby demon fox companion, and he’s ready to face anything.

The power of Creation is at Cha Ming’s fingertips, but he will soon discover that everything has a price. The heavens are changing, and Gods and devils have noted his meddling. They won’t stand by as their plans unravel.

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