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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 18 July, 2020 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 18 July, 2020

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This week’s newest releases feature an engineer on a quest to complete an impossible radio transmitter, a time-stranded master scout, and a tribe’s race against to clock to pay a debt–or lose their lands.

The Earth a Machine to Speak (Yankee Republic #5) – Fenton Wood

A young radio engineer travels across an alt-history America, encountering primeval gods, mythical beasts, and tall tales come to life, in a quest to build a radio transmitter that can reach the stars.

It all started in the mountain town of Porterville. Twelve-year-old Philo started a pirate radio station with his friends, and learned that the world is a stranger place than he ever imagined. The Ancient Marauder, the Bright and Terrible Birds, the Mishipeshu, and other creatures of myth and legend populate this enchanting mixture of science and fantasy.

Now, in The Earth a Machine to Speak, the long-awaited conclusion of the Yankee Republic series, Philo Hergenschmidt travels to the land of his ancestors to build an impossible radio transmitter, and learns that even the strangest myths can have a basis in scientific fact!

Executor Rising (The Circuit Saga #1) – Rhett C. Bruno

A new threat rises. Pick a side, or die…

When ships belonging to the powerful New Earth Tribunal are mysteriously stolen, they dispatch one of their best agents to find the culprits.

Sage Volus. Tribunal Executor. Spy.

She quickly infiltrates the ranks of suave Ceresian mercenary Talon Rayne, chasing her only lead on the attacks. But the longer she’s undercover with Talon and his squad, the more she finds her faith in the Tribune tested.

While her quest for answers only unearths more questions, a new enemy is on the rise. And he plans to bring down the Tribune, once and for all.

Join an unlikely band of would-be saviors as they are drawn into a conspiracy destined to change the solar-system forever in this wild ride of mercenaries, war, espionage, and betrayal.

Fractured Earth (Ascension Wars Book 3) – Jasper T. Scott

Clayton Cross has been reunited with his family, and he’s joined forces with the remnants of Phoenix, a human resistance group from the Wastes outside of New Houston. But following a traitorous double-cross by their Chrona ally, Specter, most of the world’s remaining population has turned into the failed human-alien hybrids known as Dregs. The world is no longer divided into safe, civilized cities run by the Kyra, and even they have abandoned Earth, declaring it a quarantine zone to contain a deadly new version of their virus, engineered by the Chrona.

Few human survivors remain, and now monstrous hordes of Dregs stalk the cities and Wastes alike, making life on Earth more treacherous than ever.

People must find refuge before they are hunted to death, but they are competing with rival groups for vital resources and shelter—and some of them are better equipped than others.

Clayton and the rest of Phoenix are faced with hard choices in this Fractured Earth as new and old enemies pursue them. When the choice is kill or be killed, death is the only way out.

Hart for Adventure – Henry Vogel

Thrown into the past by ancient, alien technology, Master Scout Gavin Hart becomes a lost human colony’s only hope for survival. But a power-hungry warlord and his army stand between Hart and the colony’s salvation.

Hart discovers allies among the warlord’s prisoners—royal guardsmen to a captive princess. But they’re intent on rescuing their princess from the warlord’s clutches, not stopping the invisible doom from Hart’s warning. To save their world, Hart must save their princess first.

Every hero has his own heroes. For Scout legend David Rice, that hero was Gavin Hart. Join Hart on his greatest adventure and discover why David idolized him.

Rockslide (Street Rats of Aramoor #3) – Michael Wisehart

A debt is owed . . . and time is running out!

Ayrion’s tribe has until the Harvest Moon to meet the Guild’s price. If the payment isn’t made, Hurricane’s territory will be seized, and its members left to starve.

The stakes have never been higher.

Once again, Ayrion finds himself in the precarious position of taking on the role of savior. Only this time, it’s not just his life that hangs in the balance, but the lives of all the children he protects.

Desperation can lead people to attempt the impossible, but Ayrion has truly tipped the scales on this one.

Tribute at the Gates (Catalyst #1) – C. J. Aaron

Cursed from birth. Forced into slavery. It’s time to fight back.

The blood of the Ancients is the most coveted ingredient in all of Damaris. The fabled elixir made from it grants those who drink it life that extends far beyond natural means.

There is no higher honor in the kingdom then being granted the privilege of bidding for it. And the people found with the cursed blood? By law, they are the rightful property of the kingdom.

They are tributes.

As a boy, Ryl was sold by his family when he was discovered to have the coveted blood flowing through his veins. Broken, scared, and confused, he’s confined to an area known as the Stocks until he is ready for harvesting.

Ryl stumbles through a doomed life until the appearance of a mysterious stranger who exposes a buried version of the past that changes everything. That his blood may not be a curse, but a blessing.

The fates of all the tributes hang in the balance.

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