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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 20 February, 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 20 February, 2021

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Dueling dungeon lords, FTL space races, and a deadly Green-goo nanite swarm transform this week’s new releases.

Corruption (The Necromancer’s Key #2) – Mitchell Hogan

When a depraved rot is exposed at the heart of the Order, Anskar is forced to confront the growing power of the dusk- and dark-tides within himself, and find a balance that won’t see him damned in the eyes of his god.

But can a lowly knight-sorcerer resist his instincts to obey his superiors’ in the Order, and fight the pull of Queen Talia’s corrupted influence from beyond the grave?

The true danger is greater than even the Order realizes, and soon Anskar must decide who he can trust, and what he is willing to risk in order to carve out his own destiny, protect the world, and perhaps the fate of all Niyandrians.

Dungeon Duel (The Rogue Dungeon #5) – James A. Hunter and eden Hudson

Welcome to a whole new kind of Boss Battle…

Roark von Graf fought his way up from the bottom to become not only the Dungeon Lord of the Cruel Citadel, but the leader of the Troll Nation, making underhanded alliances with other dungeons and players along the way.

Until now, he’s only had to worry about his enemies attacking from inside the game. But Lowen, the Tyrant King’s right-hand man, has found a way to attack the players in league with Roark IRL, laying siege to the company that keeps Hearthworld’s servers running and capturing the very Devs who can take Roark apart byte by byte.

To stop Lowen and his Divine armies once and for all, Roark will have to drag the magics of the game into the real world, harness deadly new technologies, and build dungeons in places no Dungeon Lord has ever gone before.

The fate of Earth hangs in the balance. The duel between Dungeon Lords has begun. And one of them isn’t leaving Hearthworld alive…

Earth, Our Home (Earthrise #15) – Daniel Arenson

They call themselves the next step in human evolution. But we call them “scummers.” They are hybrids. Humans with alien DNA.

They attacked us. They butchered us. Now we fight back.

Under the leadership of Einav Ben-Ari, our brave soldiers fly to the scummer planet. To war.

But we face a terrifying foe. The scummers are stronger than us. Faster. Fiercer. And their queen is none other than Lailani de la Rosa . . . Ben-Ari’s oldest and best friend.

The two forces clash. The final battle is here. A battle between the old and new. Between humans and those who vow to supplant us.

This is a war between old friends . . . and a war for humanity’s soul.

Eden Descending – Tony Peak

They hoped to create a paradise. Instead, they created hell.

Phoa was terraformed by nanite swarms for Earth’s colonists to create a beautiful, habitable world. But the swarms evolved, overran the planet, and two centuries later, threaten every living thing remaining on it.

Reyes, a scientist from Phoa’s last colonial enclave, and Thanata, a bioengineered hunter from a rival tribe, must work together to halt the Green: the massive swarm that absorbs plants, animals—even entire cities. But if the unlikely pair hopes to survive the mutated wilds and the deadly Green, they’ll have to learn to understand each other.

The Executioner’s Blade (The Executioner’s Song #3) – D. K. Holmberg

Executioners have never cared about the magic that lurks within the kingdom. Finn can no longer ignore it.

Finn has grown into the role of executioner, taking on more responsibility with each passing year. After thwarting another plot against the kingdom, he’s developed a reputation—and the attention that comes with it.

When attacked investigating missing women throughout the city, Finn finds his list of enemies growing. After another high profile abduction, Finn’s newfound skills are tested trying to find answers before it’s too late, but an imprisoned man speaking the strange language of the Alainsith forces Finn and Meyer to divide their work. Finn wants to focus on the missing women, but Meyer fears Alainsith involvement and has a different plan.

Finn must be the Hunter to save the missing women—and protect the kingdom once again. Only this time, the danger to the kingdom is something Meyer can’t prepare Finn to handle.

Quantum Entangled – Douglas Phillips

Daniel Rice hasn’t felt right since his return from a dystopian future now extinguished. Curious dreams repeat with detailed precision. A voice – or something – seems to be calling him. His problem isn’t medical, it’s not even scientific, and it’s driving his wife crazy.

Nala is worried, and she’s not the type to pace the halls while her overly analytic husband procrastinates. Earth’s scientific power couple is soon halfway around the world to consult with alien android, Aastazin. Zin is no doctor, but he has friends in high places. Very high.

Next stop, a thousand light years from home where an alien megacity shaped in a six-petaled flower hosts species from dozens of worlds. An inexplicable attack leaves Daniel wandering across an inhospitable planet and Nala alone among a confusing mashup of sentient beings. With little hope of finding each other, they learn there is more going on at this alien gathering place than they knew – aggressive security bots, an ancient mystery, and a pending vote that could shun humanity from the greatest collection of civilizations the galaxy has ever known.

The Scales of Sin & Sorrow (The Fortune Chronicles #2) – Henry Vogel

He holds the keys to the galaxy. But what horrors lurk beyond the portal? Xenoarchaeologist Mark Fortune defeated Earth’s would-be warlord and claimed his reward–codes for a pre-collapse galactic portal network. Mark and his new friend Tusk enter the portal and cross untold lightyears in a single step. They emerge into a gothic cathedral during an incomprehensible ritual.

Swept into the middle of a simmering religious conflict where events dictate enemies and allies, Mark and Tusk side with a masked vigilante and a posh madam against a demagogue bishop. Trapped in a city teetering on the brink of civil war, Mark must make a deal with a vicious mob boss and overthrow a religious inquisition. If he fails, he and Tusk will never see Earth again.

Will Mark face judgment or redemption?

Space Race – Nathan Hystad

Ten teams. One grand prize. The Race is on.

Arlo Lewis was resigned to his station in life as a supply hauler for one of the Primary Corporations ruling Earth, until an acquisition forces him to re-evaluate his situation.

When he’s hand selected to lead SeaTech’s Race team, he struggles to return to the competitive field he abandoned as a teenager.

With an eager team, and the promise of a better future, Arlo takes on the challenge, only to find more at stake than the rights to Proxima.

Under the threat of a revolution brewing at the finish line, things don’t go as expected.

The galaxy will never be the same. But that may be exactly what Arlo needs.

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