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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 20 June, 2020 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 20 June, 2020

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Final battles approach, families clash, and traitors abound in this week’s science fiction and fantasy new releases.

Burning Core (School of Swords and Serpents #4) – Gage Lee

The quest for the Empyrean Flame has begun, and a deadly new threat has appeared from beyond the realms of mortals.

As the new school year begins, Jace and his friends must puzzle out the meaning behind the map sent by a mysterious benefactor. But as Jace’s daunting quest leads him to the most exotic destinations on Earth, he finds himself hunted by the last person he’d expected to oppose his mission: his own mother.

With the heretics hot on his trail and a chaotic invasion looming, Jace and his friends must overcome challenges like none they’ve ever faced.

Because the end of one myth is often the beginning of a new legend…

Dark Fantasies – Misha Burnett

This short story collection will keep you on the edge of your seat to the last sentence. Misha Burnett has been published in a wide variety of modern fiction magazines, and here we’ve collected some of his best fantasy work.

From the introduction:

“I’m a tourist, not a colonist. I want to take a couple of pictures, hit an antique mall, get a meal, and get back on the highway. And that’s what I write—what you’ll get in this book is the casual visitor’s view of other worlds than ours. I promise to have you back safe in your own home town by nightfall.”

The Earthling’s Daughter (Soldiers of Earthrise #5) – Daniel Arenson

The world of Bahay, once a jewel of the galaxy, smolders after a devastating war.

The survivors rummage through the charred remains. The dead litter the killing fields. The crows feast. And from the ashes, new evil rises.

He appears as an ancient man, clad in black robes, an inverted cross hanging from his neck. His inquisitors spread across the planet. His tyranny crushes all hope.

Maria de la Cruz is a war heroine. She has fought for Bahay in merciless jungles and neon slums. Yet now she faces her most terrifying foe.

To defeat this mysterious despot, Maria must abandon all she has ever known. She must travel deeper than ever into the wilderness of her world. She must uncover the darkest secrets of Bahay . . . or the oceans will run red with blood.

Extinction Darkness (The Extinction Cycle: Dark Age Book 4) – Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Darkness descends over the survivors of the Extinction Cycle…

With nowhere left to run, the Allied States fortifies their few remaining outposts and relocates Central Command to prepare for their final stand. President Jan Ringgold and her generals know beating the enemy on the battlefield is impossible. The only path to victory seems to be taking down the leader of the New Gods, a sinister Chimera known as the Prophet, before he can complete his campaign to enslave humanity.

While Captain Reed Beckham trains new troops, his wife Doctor Kate Lovato returns to the tunnels to infiltrate the bioengineered enemy communication network. Injured and exhausted, Master Sergeant Fitzpatrick and Team Ghost make their way back from Canada with a Chimera prisoner that might be the key to finding the Prophet and raising a new army.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Extinction Cycle series, humanity bands together one last time against the Variants. But time has run out for the heroes of the first war to save what remains of the Allied States and perhaps, the world.

Herald of the Nine (Riftborn: Demon Hunters #3) – Tiger Hebert

A warlock must be assassinated. Otherwise the Nine Kings of Hell walk the land…

The dwarven city of Drenamere was saved because of their heroic efforts. Vacinne and the Black Blade stopped the deranged warden and ended the demons’ rampage through the city, only to learn that while they won the battle, the war was just beginning. 

Vacinne and Renlar now know that the Grand Master of her order has given in to darkness and is now the Warlock Supreme. His attempt at opening Hell Rifts in Drenamere was thwarted, but was merely one piece of a much larger plan. A plan that will invite the Kings of the Nine Hells to walk the mortal realm with legions of demons at their side. An entire army of devoted and unsuspecting Wardens stand between them and the Warlock. Vacinne and Renlar need a plan, and they need one now…

Low Res Orders (The Eagle’s Debt #4) – Jason Winn

Sometimes there is no good option.

Axel Nash has been ordered to assassinate one of the biggest traitors in American history. He’ll have to penetrate the most powerful corporation in the Solar System to get the job done.

Battling his way through private armies, genetic monsters and ruthless space fleets, Axel is closing in on his target when he uncovers a staggering truth.

The Rand Orchestra is alive and well and hatching a plot that will bring national economies to their knees.

Axel will have to choose between the target and the fate of the Solar System. He’s only got one shot.

Renegade War (Renegade Star #15) – J. N. Chaney

The battle for the galaxy approaches.

Under the guidance of the mythological gods, Jace must travel to Sarkonian territory in search of a woman he has never met. She holds the key to unlocking the Gate of Eternity, and with it, a weapon that may end the Celestials war against humanity.

But nothing comes easy in a galaxy under siege.

Even with the Alliance behind him, Jace and the crew have their work cut out for them. There are secrets still left to uncover, and the next battle could change everything.

Experience the fifteenth entry in the bestselling Renegade Star series from USA Today Bestselling Author J.N. Chaney. If you’re a fan of Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, or Outlaw Star, you’ll love this epic scifi thrill ride.

Warrior Forsworn (Silver Fox & The Western Hero #3) – M. H. Johnson

Forged in Fire

Miraculously, Alex had survived the crucible of combat and emerged victorious, earning the right to attend Dragon Academy.

But his trials had only begun.

For Alex had dared the unthinkable.

A despised Ruidian entering Dragon Academy was an abomination the school’s elite would stop at nothing to destroy, eager to cripple or kill him if they possibly could.

Even worse, Alex’s mentor was notorious for throwing his disciples into the thick of any conflict, no matter how unfair the odds.

Alex knew only two paths lay before him:

To be forged in the fires of his enemies’ hate into a killing blade capable of cutting down all his foes…

Or to be hammered into slag, never to rise again.

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