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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 20 March, 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 20 March, 2021

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Dragon songs, alien artifacts, and intergalactic secret societies are hidden in this week’s new releases.

Alien Artifacts (Cade Korbin Chronicles #2) – Jasper T. Scott

On his last job, Cade Korbin lost his ship, lost his credits, and barely escaped with his life, but it’s not over. His enemy is still out there, nursing a decades-old vendetta, and now his guild is coming after him for breaking their rules.

Cade desperately needs credits and somewhere to lie low for a while. To that end, he takes a job on an uncharted world, code-named Nexus, to rescue a team of missing researchers and to recover the alien artifacts that they went searching for.

Yet unknown to Cade, there is a danger on Nexus that goes far beyond the alien monsters which prowl its surface: a terrifying menace has been waiting for untold eons to emerge.

And Cade Korbin is just about to wake it up.

Blood Song (Godchosen #4) – T. S. Snow


At least Riven kan Ingan thinks so. A few things could be better, of course, such as his volatile relationship with eldest son, Val, but his estate is prospering, his other children are still obedient, and his beloved Barbara is as feisty as ever.

Even the barbaric Ghermians have settled peacefully within Francovia’s borders.

Too soon, the bubble of contentment bursts.

When a new margrave comes to power, civil war looms, turning native Francovians against its foreign-born citizens. Morling Ledeval demands an oath of loyalty from his subjects, and Riven is forced to make a choice.

Will he risk home and family to follow a madman or become a traitor to the country he loves?

Hard Luck Hank: Garm – Steven Campbell

Garm trained her whole life as a member of the secretive Quadrad organization. Her planet is famous for its assassins and governmental manipulators. It’s whispered that behind every mysterious death lurks a Quadrad.

But when Garm enters the wide galaxy, she finds her prestigious training entirely insufficient. Most Quadrad are abysmal failures, unable to cope in an advanced technological empire. The Quadrad are nothing but a very clever marketing campaign that has been going on for 20,000 years.

But Garm is different. She is determined to be the most successful, most lethal, and richest “agent of change” in history.

To that end she assembles the best spaceship crew she can afford. Unfortunately, she is extremely poor. Her ship is a former pleasure cruise vessel, the Summer Dream Adventure. And her crew is made up of ancient relics, war criminals, incomprehensible aliens, nymphomaniacs, and creatures so dangerous just being near them can prove fatal.

To make matters worse, Garm is personally being hunted by the government, which seeks to forcibly put an end to the Quadrad myth forever.

Hostile Spike (Battlegroup Z #2) – Daniel Gibbs

Protracted war is inevitable.

Six weeks ago, Lieutenant Justin Spencer was just another reservist in the Coalition Defense Force. Becoming a lifer wasn’t in the cards—until the League of Sol brutally attacked the Terran Coalition. With several pivotal battles now under his belt, friends and strangers alike call Justin a hero. But he finds the accolades difficult to swallow when the night only intensifies images from his first taste of combat.

Then he’s faced with an active duty extension.

The League is hitting supply convoys on their long journeys between the mining colonies. Without the rare minerals, Coalition shipyards can’t produce the needed firepower to fight off losses sustained from the enemy’s overwhelming forces.

An enemy that appears to anticipate the CDF’s every play.

When the CSV Zvika Greengold is tapped for a black ops action, Justin volunteers to pilot a captured enemy aircraft on what he discovers too late is a suicide mission. For any chance of survival, he’ll need to rely on more than sheer skill and dumb luck.

He’ll need a miracle.

I am Dragon (Dragon Fires Rising #2) – Mark Secchia

I am Dragon. Fear the talon that carves your doom!

Having been kicked into shape by his captive Princess, the Dragon formerly called Blitz has new fires and a new name. He is a Dragon – imaginatively – called Dragon. Now, he must discover who he is.

Simple, right?

As simple as a Dragon shedding his own scales.

With war looming, the intrepid pair decide to fly over the Tamarine Mountains and across the oceans to the Island Archipelago where Azania’s long-time love awaits, hoping to recruit an army of fierce warrior Dragonesses. Can the Princess rescue his King? Will Dragon find his true family and avoid losing his head – literally – over his interest in Aria Seaspray?

Operation Redeal (Chimera Company #2) – Tim C. Taylor

With his alien co-pilot at his side and a grin stretching across his face, Captain Fitz keeps one jump ahead of his creditors and one jump behind fabulous illicit riches. He likes it that way, even if he wouldn’t mind getting the riches…some day.

Now he is chasing the biggest payoff of his career, and he’s hired a new team of marines to help win it. They call themselves Chimera Company, but they want him to be someone else.

Sixteen years ago, Lt. Cmdr Zi’Alfu, Hero of Dama Prime, was booted out of Legion Naval Intelligence in disgrace so he could go into the deepest deep cover ever. Now his former superiors want to activate their asset…But are Zi’Alfu and Fitz still the same person?

Can Fitz outrun the darkest operation Naval Intelligence ever planned…the one he himself conceived? Meant to reboot the entire galaxy’s government, it has one of the simplest names ever: Operation Redeal.

The Report of Mr. Charles Aalmers – Matthew Pungitore

In “The Report of Mr. Charles Aalmers,” Matthew Pungitore crafts a spine-chilling story about a surreal chain of maddening events surrounding a historian and his beloved friend. Encounter a lurid report written in a disturbing manuscript found in a Gothic crypt guarded by strange rumors and an indescribable being.

Additionally, this anthology includes many more thrilling yarns most grotesque, most sublime, wonderfully Gothic, charmingly dreamy, and certainly weird: “Black Torque Demon,” “Dubhdris Abbey,” “Fetch of Prismatic Froth,” “Grumocruth,” “Idyll For An Allhallowtide Masque And Romance,” “Jade Gorget Hex,” “O Tumult Unearthly,” “Platinoid Pearl Rapture,” “Ultramundane Numina in the Forbidden Tomb,” and “Zynzblazoth.”

Songs of Insurrection (The Dragon Songs Saga #1) – J. C. Kang

Only the lost magic of Dragon Songs can save the world. Only an awkward girl with the perfect voice can rediscover it.

The Dragon Singers of old summoned typhoons and routed armies, liberating mankind from the orcs before fading into legend. Now, with the world again facing a new cataclysm, the power of music stirs in Kaiya, a naïve misfit with the perfect voice.

Without a master to guide her, she must rely on Hardeep, a disgraced foreign paladin, to help awaken her latent magic. His motives might not be entirely noble. When he leads her to the fabled Dragon Scale Lute, which only a Dragon Singer can wield, it is up to Black Lotus Clan to intervene

Because the instrument’s fell power can save the world…

Or destroy it.

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