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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 22 May, 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 22 May, 2021

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Literary saints, Scotland Yard demon hunters, and interstellar gunrunners stalk through this week’s new releases.

Indie Saint (Words of Power #1) – V. K. Fox

Since she read a biography of Catholic saints and began spontaneously healing the sick and calling down lightning, Jane’s day-to-day has become a trippy journey of self-discovery. Lucky thing a pair of magical special agents appear and offer to train her because it turns out that, not only has Jane’s life taken a hard turn for the weird, but the fabric of reality is beginning to unravel.

Urban legends like Mothman, the Jersey Devil, and Bunnyman are manifesting in a sleepy Pennsylvania town, and they are haaangry.

The good news: Jane’s new boyfriend is part of an ancient corporation of literary superheroes ready to save the world. The bad news: life expectancy for people with powers kind of sucks.

If Jane wants to live long enough to see the year 2000, she’ll have to work with her new mentor, a teenaged, angsty King Arthur; her current crush, cuddly god-man Enkidu, and a gun-nun from a neighboring comba-convent to seize her role as a try-hard hero and stop a middle-aged madwoman from ripping a hole in the multiverse.

Interstellar Gunrunner – James Wolanyk

Yesterday, he was a conman. Today, he’s the universe’s only hope.

Bodhi Drezek is heartbroken, universally despised, and drowning in debt from the sixty-five million tons of explosive compounds in his cargo hold. Despite his former glory as one of the galaxy’s foremost arms merchants, times are tough. The tyrannical Halcius Hegemony has nearly finished crushing a rebellion, depriving him of his top two customers.

Under the gun to absolve his debts, Bodhi takes a job to help a group of desperate rebels pull off a daring heist on a Hegemony flagship. But upon grabbing the loot, he realizes his employer only fed him half the story: Instead of precious gems, he’s hauling an alien weapon with apocalyptic levels of power. Accompanied by a future-seeing sidekick, a child prodigy, and the interdimensional being that fuels his ship, Bodhi prepares to pull off the ultimate double-cross—and turn the tide of war.

Standing in his way is the entire Hegemony fleet and his employer’s brutal hunters. But there’s no going back now. The universe’s last hope lies in one man—Bodhi Drezek, arms merchant and circumstantial savior.

Resistance – Toby Neighbors

Sometimes just surviving isn’t enough…

Staff Sergeant Eli Vanhorn is injured after a desperate battle with the Orrkasi aliens on Leonis B.  He’s cut off from the other survivors of the Space Fleet exploration ship Rihla, which was shot down when she entered orbit.  And he’s going to need every skill he’s honed over his long career in the Fleet Marine Corps just to stay alive.

Priority one, survive.  Priority two, find the other survivors and take stock of their options.  Priority three, take the fight back to the Orrkasi and make them wish they had never set foot on Leonis B.

Scaled Soul (Dragon Academy #1) – Gage Lee

When a fiendish enemy attacks his family’s keep, Taun, a human knight, must bond with the spirit of an ancient warlord: the Dread Dragon Tyrant Axaranth.

And though accepting the dragon’s soul scale saved his family from certain destruction in one battle, Axaranth’s power threatens to tear Taun apart before they can win the war.

To save himself from the dragon trapped within him, Taun must brave the dangers of the Celestial Academy. Surrounded by young dragons, the knight must master the power of dragon’s breath.

Something no human has ever achieved.

Faced with haughty young dragon nobles, deadly tests of his skill, and hostile traditions, the knight must transform a band of unlikely dragon students into a formidable force. Because if Taun doesn’t win the school’s brutal competition and an audience with the Scaled Council, his family and the dragon kingdoms are doomed to fall to the dark enemy of a previous era.

Smoke and Memories (The Dark Sorcerer #3) – D. K. Holmberg

Dark sorcery, powerful enchantments, and lost secrets are key to Jayna stopping a deadly attack.

Having stopped two dark sorcerers and changing the power of her Toral ring with the dangerous bloodstone, Jayna has become a target. A dark power is coming for the city of Nelar, and Ceran has tasked her with remaining vigilant.

What comes is something Jayna is completely unprepared to face.

Attacks have pitted the Sorcerers’ Society against the ruling dular, but there’s an even greater danger—someone with magic like Eva.

Jayna has to stop a war, but how can she when she doesn’t know who’s involved?

Smuggler Queen (Chimera Company #4) – Tim C. Taylor

Vetch’s captor wants him to escape…because she enjoys the chase.

Hostage, decoration, amusement: Vetch Arunsen has never been any of these things before, but he has to adapt fast if he’s to survive captivity at the exotic court of sector crime boss, Nyluga-Ree. His deadliest threat comes from the beautiful alien assassin who wants to sink her claws into him.

If Vetch runs, it won’t only be the assassin who comes for him. Through war zones, terraforming worlds, and intergalactic invasions, Nyluga-Ree will never abandon her pursuit. Honor demands it because of who she is.

Smuggler Queen.

Song of Redemption (Sentenced to War #3) – J. N. Chaney and Jonathan P. Brazee

In the midst of humanity’s greatest fight for survival, old rivalries threaten to pull allies apart in a rush for rumored alien tech.

With the newly weaponized Sergeant Reverent Pelletier and his Marine Raiders at the tip of the spear, only they stand a chance at holding the shaky alliance together long enough to meet the enemy.

The Centaurs are on their way to destroy the very birthplace of human civilization: Mother Earth itself.

Humanity’s end may be upon us. . . but only if Rev and his team fail to do the impossible.

John Sinclair: Demon Hunter, Volume 1 – Gabriel Conroy

1977 is a strange year. Things beyond human understanding have begun to surface, threatening the peace and leaving behind an endless trail of blood. When such incidents arise, it is down to Scotland Yard’s Special Division and their Demon Hunter in residence, John Sinclair, to set things right. But Sinclair is haunted by demons of his own, ones which rival the dark forces attacking innocents around him. Can he conquer one to vanquish the other?

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