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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 22 October 2022 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 22 October 2022

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Blade and Bone – D. K. Holmberg

Sanaron is a city of fog and violence; a place where even the past can disappear.

Kanar Reims, an ex-soldier known as the Blackheart, hides a dangerous secret. Exiled from the Realmsguard, he wants nothing to do with the kind of magic that destroyed his life.

That is until his team of mercenaries is offered a job they can’t refuse.

He’ll need the help of others working in the city: An assassin who uses the bones of her enemies in her art. An archer with strange skills. And a stranded sailor whose loyalties are unknown.

Impossible wealth awaits if they succeed, but far more is at stake if they fail, for a deadly magic will be unleashed upon the world.

Bloodbane: Quest of Lance – T. J. Marquis

What a horrible night to be invaded by psychos from the 65th Dimension.

Lance Cutfield just wants to get home to his wife and daughter.

But in his way stands a legion of Once-men, blood sorcerers, and countless foul creatures infesting the wilderness.

Lance must use his working man’s strength, and every tool at his disposal, to bring the fight to his foes.

Little do these ‘Baneborn’ know, they’ve chosen a predator for their prey…

Quest of Lance is a pulpy gamelit adventure with very lite RPG elements.

Breaker of Horizons – NoDragons

Nic has been Selected.

Chosen to leave his own body behind and become a monster.

Chosen to live or die on his own wits. His own strengths.

He’ll adventure out into a new realm as a foot soldier for the System’s relentless integration of new worlds. Fighting to break the natives into submission.

But Nic has never loved the System, or cared for his home planet, a depleted husk of a world that the System forgot long ago. With blue skies overhead and green forest to the horizons, he might just fall in love with this strange planet named Earth…

That would leave him with few friends and a thousand enemies. That would leave him clawing, biting, scratching to survive.

Extinction Level Event (The Pantheon Saga #8) – C. C. Ekeke

Aegis vs Damocles. One Last Dance.

Damocles’s latest attack has killed thousands in the city of San Miguel, including a beloved superhero.

Aegis is hellbent on stopping Damocles before his murderous crusade continues, avenging both the city he swore to protect and his fallen mentor.

But can he? Aegis’s superpowers have grown unstable and at times diminished. Meanwhile most of America’s superheroes are either imprisoned or in hiding thanks to the sweeping overreach of a corrupt President.

Yet this teen superhero and what remains of his allies are our best hope against a psychotic supervillain with the power to level cities and a small army of supermen at his command.

Is the Shield of Justice prepared for the biggest battle of his life?

Are you?

Free Systems (Honor Among the Stars #3) – James David Victor

Five years ago, alien invaders stole her family and her childhood. It’s time to make them pay.

Artemis was only twelve years old when the Rath invaded Toronto, killing countless people, including her family. Five years later, she is finally ready to make them pay. The first step: train at the Martian Military Academy so she can fight the aliens and make them pay for invading her planet. She soon learns that humans can be just as ruthless as the Rath, though, and they are far closer to home. Can she help save humanity and find honor among the stars?

Artemis has rejoined her childhood friend, Max, and they are now on the same assignment: conquer a new world and defend it from attack. In the process, she finds herself in the middle of a conflict she wants no part of, and her loyalties will be tested. If she makes the wrong choice, it could cost Artemis her life. Will she be able to handle the pressure and make the right choice or will she pay the ultimate price for the mistakes of others?

Frontier Corps (Forlorn Hope #1) – Joe Kassabian

They fight the wars nobody else wants to.

The Frontier Corps are the Terran Empire’s repository for failures, malcontents, criminals, and other people with nothing left to lose but to sign their names on the dotted line of a ten year long contract for another shot at life.

But flung across the stars to face horrifying enemies, it may as well be a death sentence.

Pari Petrosyan is a grizzled veteran of the Corps. With only a few months left of her contract, she has her mind on her discharge papers. Her easy path on her way to freedom is interrupted when a new commander arrives, ready to launch a large-scale military offensive to finally end the conflict she had spent her entire career fighting.

Caught between the grinding war machines of the empire and the inhuman monstrosities known as the Resh, Pari has to try to survive if she ever hopes to be free.

The Final Home (The Swordbringer #3) – A Kickstarter Campaign by Alexander Hellene

The Reaper has landed! His mission: Find the secret of immortality and destroy any who stand in his way.

With the Global Union closing and Pysh in shambles, a bitter enemy may be humanity’s only hope. Garrett and Ghryxa lead an envoy to Kharvalar with a proposal for the High Lord: join forces to fight the Global Union or Yxakh will be doomed. But Kharvalar, besieged by lizardmen, giant serpents, and ancient foes from beyond the western wastes, has troubles of its own. Old enmities, prophecies fulfilled, and interstellar war collide in the explosive conclusion to The Swordbringer, with the fates of two planets hanging in the balance!

Open until 21 November 2022.

“PENANCE” YA Superhero Novel Illustrated & Audio Editions – a Kickstarter campaign by Paula Richey

Penance Copper won’t be a tool for evil any longer!

For as long as she can remember, Penance has belonged to Acid, a criminal boss with his hands in everything from superpower-enhancing drugs to human trafficking. She’s tried to escape before, but her ability to generate electrical frequencies with just a thought make her too valuable as an electronic lockpicker to let go. Now, she’s gotten strong enough that there’s a new use for her powers – as an assassin.

Penance doesn’t want to be a murderer. But when she breaks away from Acid and tries to join up with the heroes she had been sent to target, she becomes embroiled in an intergalactic conflict.

Open until 31 October 2022.

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