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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 24 June 2023 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 24 June 2023

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Every week, the Castalia House Blog spotlights some of the many new releases in independent, pulp, and web novel-influenced science fiction and fantasy.

Dawn of the Black Sun (The Silver Empire #1) – Timo Burnham

A fisherman’s son who has lost everything.

A wandering master haunted by regret.

An exile wielding a sword that speaks.

Ryushu lives the quiet and boring life of a fisherman’s son until a single day rips his world apart.

Now he must make the journey to the top of the titanic Mount Gharun to learn from the hyo masters–martial artists with the powers of demigods. Can he survive the brutal climb? Does he have the strength, not just of body, but of mind and spirit?

Meanwhile an exile wonders the barrenlands, holding a sword that speaks. He slowly gathers a following as he prepares to take the emperors throne for himself.

Dawn approaches. A Dawn of death and destruction. The Dawn of the Black Sun.

Double-Cross Bounty (Space Hunter War #5) – Rick Partlow and Pacey Holden

When losing the game isn’t an option, it’s time to rewrite the rules.

Tired of the Fleet Intelligence game, Jack signs up for a routine bounty hunting mission. A simple bag and tag is turned on its head when he uncovers evidence that links criminal activity with a company his family is heavily invested in… a company ran by his ex-fiancee and her husband.

To run this lead to ground, Jack is forced to put his scheming skills to the test, threading the needle between family, friend, and foe. The simple investigation devolves into a brutal war between the genetically-augmented Predecessor Cult and the advanced bionics of the Evolutionists—with Jack caught in the middle. Rival factions slaughter one another with impunity as the investigation turns into a race against time; a race Jack has no hope of winning… unless he is willing to do the unthinkable.

One thing’s for sure; a bounty hunter that doesn’t plan for a double-cross will fail every time.

Dungeon Core Online #4 – Jonathan Smidt

With Cyb3Ru5 defeated, James is ready to get back to some good old-fashioned dungeon shenanigans. The experience left him shaken – but luckily, he now has friends to lean on.

Speaking of DCO, while James might feel like the main character at times, the game itself, and the developers behind it, think otherwise. During his stint as a pawn helping bring down the dangerous hacker group, a lot of upgrades to DCO were implemented without him. Now James is diving headfirst into all of it!

New floors, new levels, and so much more, including a rematch against a certain winged lizard cult that Rue, ahem, the White Beast of Chaos, is chomping at the bit to take part in.

James is back where he is supposed to be, running his dungeon, hanging out with Rue, and sipping digitally rendered cocktails served by cybernetic penguins. He’s trying to forget his own unpleasant memories – and he’s not the only one.

But DCO is full of distractions – and one new game mode, in particular, is set to keep James occupied for quite a while. In more ways than he could ever imagine.

Now, for the first time since its debut, James can finally run the dungeon himself.

Everything (Full Murderhobo #3) – Dakota Krout

The Dynasty is sending troops. Potentia is plentiful. Everything is up for grabs.

Luke has found a great way to move directly from combat to combat. While his team is working hard to increase their knowledge, train their skills, and grow a paradise, the Murderhobo steps into a Descender portal for five minutes, pops out, jumping straight into Murder World—fists leading the way. Life is good.

After years of work Andre the Druid makes a grievous error: he completes his job perfectly. By healing the Scarroco Desert, the supermassive Dynasty that neighbors the Hollow Kingdom suddenly has renewed interest in their resources. No longer content to leave The Four in exile, the King recalls them to the Palace. Before their new orders are given, the Dynasty steals something precious from the King. Going after it is a fool’s errand.

That works perfectly for the King: he knows exactly four disposable Ascenders. Being promised freedom, luxuries, and cushy jobs if they are successful—and death upon failure—Luke’s team leaves immediately. As they begin their adventure through the front lines of the invasion, Luke the Murderhobo knows it’s his moment to shine. Monsters, Ascenders, and Assassins are the least of their worries.

All he needs to do is survive Everything.

The First Law of Cultivation (Qi=MC^2 #1) – KrazeKode

In this world, knowledge is power. And power is everything.

Lu Jie woke up in a world filled with scheming sects, arrogant young masters, and the mad chase for the immortal heavens. He wanted none of it. But his plan to escape the sect is interrupted by an old Alchemist’s pills that heal him within moments—a magical cure.

These medicines ignite the flame of curiosity to learn true magic in him, rekindling his love of discovery. Lu Jie sets out to study the immutable truths hidden within the world, and soon finds an all-new path of cultivation that could take him to the very top.

The path of science.

Lost Dragons (The Shadow’s Dragon #3) – Dustin Portia and D. K. Holmberg

As myth and history clash, old heroes will rise again.

Treylen’s last mission revealed a clue in Oara Valley. This deserted elven kingdom, now an overgrown forest and the emperor’s hunting grounds, may be home to a den of dragons.

With Marziel’s rise to power Treylen is given his own team to investigate the threat. It’s his chance to get away from the war and the cruel whims of their queen. For his team it’s an opportunity to finally show off their skills at hunting and wildcraft.

But there’s a second team working in the valley. Led by Egin, a spymaster for the Queen’s Shadow, they were sent to ensure the mission is carried out as commanded.

After their experience in the Dragon Lands, Treylen and Rime are determined to be the first to find dragons in Oara Valley. But in their race against Egin, they stumble into more trouble than they bargained for.

Old alliances will be questioned. New paths will open. And nations will change.

A Summoner Awakens: Origins – Kerberos

Essence to gather. Cards to Level. A Summoner’s Deck to build.

After the collapse of the known world, Rowan Wilder opened his eyes and found himself on the First Floor of the Tower. With a flawless memory and a mere eight Cards to his name, he must venture out and prepare himself for the coming calamity.

In this place of blood and fantasy, Rowan has to not only survive but thrive as he powers his way to the top of the Tower. The Demonic Plague that has twisted the creatures on the upper Floors is the least of his worries after he reveals the coveted Origin of the Summoner.

Cane in hand and Summons by his side, he’ll have to tear his way through Beasts and Humans alike as monsters, criminals, and zealots try to hinder his ascent. Of course, he can maintain a sense of decorum while he faces these trials, yeah?

Voidwalker (My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror #4) – Actus

The war between the Void and the Corruption rages on.

Damien and Sylph demolished the competition in the Kingsfront Interschool Tournament, taking home first and second place. Now, summer is upon them, bringing with it the promise of a much needed break.

Second isn’t content to sit around while they relax, and he isn’t the only one scheming. While he works in the shadows, It Who Stills the Seas has vanished, leaving Damien and his friends beset by enemies on all sides.

At the same time, school life in Blackmist holds even more challenges. New faces arrrive, and they bring with them a threat that Damien had never expected.

There are too many moving parts to count, but they’re all slowly ticking away to the beat of Second’s plans. Damien is determined to stop Second – but handling an ancient evil might not be much easier than passing his next year at Blackmist.

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