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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 26 December, 2020 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 26 December, 2020

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Merry Christmas! With the new year approaching, check out these new releases, running the gamut between futures that should never be and pasts that never were.

Exigency (Galaxy’s Edge: Dark Operator #4) – Doc Spears, Jason Anspach, and Nick Cole

A legionnaire’s only failure is the failure to do what’s right.

Kel Turner is a victim of his own success. His exploits and victories as part of Kill Team Three bring the attention of forces seeking hegemony over the Republic.

These shadowy power brokers know that a man like Kel represents a threat to their plans… unless he can be persuaded to join them. And if the operator declines his hidden enemy will stop at nothing to destroy him.

At a deadly crossroads, Kel is told to choose between love and duty. But his foes are ignorant that he has a third choice.


The dark operator is the master of all the tools of lethal combat. Kel will need them all to succeed.

Invasion (First Colony #11) – Ken Lozito

For years, Connor and others in the colony have unraveled the mysteries of New Earth and the global catastrophes that nearly destroyed its previous inhabitants. Their work led to the discovery of other worlds beyond the known universe.

It became clear that many of those worlds had been attacked by an interdimensional invader that left untold amounts of manipulation, hardship, and annihilation in its wake. It’s only a matter of time before the colony becomes the next target.

When a trusted ally requests Connor’s help to investigate claims of new widespread invasions, he has no choice but to help. Connor believes that the only way to stop the invader is to find their homeworld, but its location is a closely guarded secret. Many civilizations sought to discover the invader’s homeworld and none have succeeded.

Time is running out for the colony, and Connor and a team of CDF soldiers may be the only thing that stands between survival and annihilation.

Merlin Appears (King Arthur Chronicles #1) – Toby Neighbors

In the time before empires

When the world was still new

And heroes became legends

You’ve heard of Arthur, the great king.  But those are just stories, based on events that happened earlier still, in the time before the Romans invaded Britain, when the Greeks were still just children, and magic was real.

Merlin is a man of mystery and magic.  His gift of foresight could guide the realm into an era of prosperity, but as he joins forces with a young Arthur, darkness is stirring.  It will take all their cunning, skill, magic, and belief in one another to overcome it.  The wicked do not rest, and their plans to destroy all that is good in the land must be stopped.

Red Reckoning (Yancy Lazarus #6) – James Hunter

Look who just dragged himself out of Hell…

Yancy Lazarus—mage, bluesman, and Hand of Fate—is back from Hell, and the world of the living ain’t what it used to be. The Guild of the Staff is broken, his friends are being hunted down, and the pact between the supernatural nations is on the brink of collapse. Someone needs to shoot some sense into people, and if there’s one thing Yancy knows about a job well done, it’s that you have to do it yourself.

But the ringmaster at the center of this evil clown circus is the Morrigan, the Irish War Walker of Old, and she’s cooked up a nasty new ritual that could be the end of humanity. This isn’t like the last time she faced Yancy, however. Fueled by both cleansing magic and demonic fire, Yancy and his crew of supernatural misfits are packing more heat than she can handle. A reckoning of epic proportions is coming.

Warrior Redeemed (Silver Fox & The Western Hero #5) – M. H. Johnson

A Princess to Save

A God to Kill

With 20 million lives on the line, Alex will do whatever it takes to reach the city of Baidushi. No matter how many obstacles his foes put in his way.

With his fangtian ji now as sharp and bitter as heaven’s tears… He will cut through them all.

Even after his enemies do the unthinkable. Destroying his ability to reincarnate, as did every other soul, his countless lives now reduced to one.

So be it. Now Alex would hold nothing back.

Daring the wrath of the gods above as he embraces the most forbidden of all techniques, infusing himself with the perilous might of Death’s endless waters as he races to a city in dire peril…

And the princess he has sworn to save.

The Watchers of Moniah – Barbara V. Evers

An elite Watcher trainee, fifteen-year-old Princess Adana had everything going for her. Everything, that is, until her mother, the queen, dies. Too young to be queen herself, her mother’s last royal act is a decree that seals Adana’s fate—she’s to be sent to the neighboring Kingdom of Elwar for her own protection. She’ll be alone there, as the only person Adana knew in Elwar—her betrothed, Prince Serrin—dies at the same time as her mother.

The three-year stay in Elwar seems like a death sentence, as she will be separated from her telepathically-bonded giraffe and removed from her Watcher training. It only gets worse when she meets the person who will be teaching her about the rules of court protocol and politics—Serrin’s stepmother, Queen Quilla, a sharp-tongued woman who dislikes everything Adana stands for.

When a vision shows her the existence of Maligon—a tyrant thought killed twenty years prior—she realizes everything is not as it seems in the Four Kingdoms. Evil is at work in the shadows, and Maligon will stop at nothing short of total control over the Four Kingdoms. Will she be ready in time to claim her birthright, or will Maligon succeed with his malevolent plans?

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