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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 26 December 2021 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 26 December 2021

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Executioners, cultivators, and mercenaries fill this week’s new releases.

Age of Bronze (Rise of Mankind #2) – Jez Cajiao

A world gone mad. Creatures of nightmare walk the streets, but worse are those we once knew…

Matt survived the Dungeon’s founding, and managed to gather a small, but dedicated team to him, but when he finds his is not the only Dungeon in the area, he has a choice to make.

Attempt friendly co-existence, but lose the element of surprise, or attack, and risk it all?

Matt has learned the consequences of being too trusting when the world collapses around you, but is the path of grim dictator any better?

Can he trust those around him? When those he left behind seem to be abusing his gift?

Ally (Four Horsemen: Guild Wars #16) – Kacey Ezell and Marisa Wolf

“It’s better to die free than to live a slave.”

When the Mercenary Guild tried to bend the galaxy’s deadliest assassins to their will, the Depik shocked the galaxy by choosing mass suicide to enslavement.

Only those Depik not present on their home planet of Khatash survived to retreat to the shadows, to plan, to form alliances, to rebuild and look forward to the day when they could retake their home from the Veetanho invaders and exact revenge.

That day has finally come. And this time, the Depik do not stand alone.

Fomori Invasion (Shattered Gods #2) – Chris Fox

The Morrigan Hunts the Prince of Demons

I am the reincarnation of a dark god. I cannot escape that now. The prince of demons come again. And I am hunted. The Fomori have a prophecy about my return, and have been so kind as to dispatch the Morrigan herself to slay me. She’s even forging a special divine sword.

Their armies of beastmen and giants march upon Hasra, and the ailing empire is in no shape to hold. They need new troops. They need us. My friends and I are being sent off to the other Catalysts we control to gain more magic so that we can resist the Fomori advance.

First we’ll journey to Calmora, to gain air from the Breath of Shu. Then we will fly to Enestius to gain dream from the Hoard of Lakshmi. If we survive, then we’ll move on to the strongest Catalyst on the continent, the legendary Hammer of Reevanthara.

Once we have secured our powers we’ll return to the war, and break the Fomori…or die trying. I will find a way to drive them from our lands, for my family. For my people. For the darkness living inside me.

The Master Executioner (The Executioner’s Song #5) – D. K. Holmberg

A dangerous power returns to the city, and only the master executioner can stop it.

Finn has served the king as journeyman executioner, but the time has come for a testing with the executioner court. Regardless of the outcome, he will no longer serve in Verendal.

Strange attacks in the city lead Finn to believe that witchcraft has returned, but he’s the only one who suspects. He must find the answers before his testing, and fears that Master Meyer does not understand the truth.

He must be the Hunter one last time to save the city—and the kingdom—but he faces an insidious power that’s been active for far longer than he ever imagined.

The Path to the Stars (The Heavenly Throne #8) – Yuri Ajin

The true Legacy is the memory of power of the heroes, the inheritance of their Paths. Great cultivators never die.

A war broke out in Nikrim.

Elves, dwarves, sylphs, dorgans, and humans are racing toward a treasure of unspoken power. To obtain it, they breathed life back into an old conflict, the flames of which will engulf the whole continent. Kyros the Soul Thief wants more than to just obliterate his enemies. However, they do not intend to sit still while he has it his own way.

The main world of the Belteise Empire will be open soon. A great battle for divine heritage will begin, and a brilliant cultivator like Kai will definitely not stay out of it. The time has come for him to fulfill an old promise, take revenge, and finally find out the truth. To him, this is the only acceptable path in this cruel world, where strength and skill reign supreme.

It is the only right path for a true cultivation master!

The Signal – Toby Neighbors

Every war has a beginning…

For over three hundred years the humans on Wholbard Meridian have been hunted by the Elecebra, a hostile race of alien slavers.  The only hope for humanity was The Lore that taught about the courageous Captain Joshua who left the system alone in search of help.  For centuries people believed the Captain would return to save them from the Elecebra, but hope is fragile.  And when each day is a struggle to find food and stay alive, the very idea of freedom can be deadly.  Unable to stay in one place for very long, the humans on Wholbard Meridian live in small, nomadic clans in the high mountains.  Most of their technology and scientific knowledge has been lost, but their resourcefulness and ability to adapt is stronger than ever.  But will it be enough to push back the Elecebra, or will the hope of the Captain’s return proof false and provoke the ire of the deadly aliens?

Graham Baccii is barely across the threshold of manhood when he encounters the Elecebra for the first time.  The stories he has heard of the alluring aliens are all true, and resistance to their powerful mental attacks is almost impossible.  Nothing comes easily for Graham and his friends.  Yet despite the heartache of life on Wholebard Meridian, Graham believes The Lore.  And even in the face of a duplicitous enemy, he can’t let go of the hope that drives him to believe that something better is ahead — as long as he’s willing to fight for it.

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