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Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 29 August, 2020 –

Science Fiction and Fantasy New Releases: 29 August, 2020

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Time-lost super-soldiers, living detective saints, swordless swordsmen, and His Majesty’s Naval Service takes to the stars in this week’s new releases.

Coven (Saint Tommy, NYPD #7) – Declan Finn

Detective Thomas Nolan has finally returned home. In typical police fashion, he is welcomed home with a murder case and gunfire.

After one arrest goes spectacularly wrong, Tommy is assigned another case and another dead body.

But everything goes wrong from the start of the case. The deceased is a member of a nearby military base, and no one wants to answer his questions. A local bodega gives him mind-splitting headaches. Worst of all, someone is after his children.

To make matters worse — Tommy no longer has his charisms.

Dreamhealer – Jeff Duntemann

By day, Larry Kettelkamp keeps ancient PDP-8 computers alive in a collapsing industrial bakery. By night he wages war on nightmares, and has been waging that war for thirty years. As a young man, Larry discovered that he could enter other peoples’ nightmares, end them, and then vaccinate the dreamers against that nightmare with an ancient symbol that alters the relationship between the two hemispheres of the brain.

For nightmares are not random concoctions of our dreaming imaginations. Strange creatures called archons living in the subtle realms of the collective unconscious craft horrifying dreams to drop into sleeping minds, and then feast on the terror those dreams evoke. This scheme goes back 15,000 years, to the dawn of human history. It was created by a sort of super-archon who claims to be the Demiurge of ancient Persian myth.

Once Larry learns how to destroy archons instead of merely banishing them from dreams, this architect of all nightmares hunts Larry down and demands that Larry stop destroying the monster’s archon servants. Thus begins an escalating conflict that draws in a bored title-search agent, a witch and a lightworker, two teenage prodigies, a modern-day cult practicing ancient Persian death magick, dream mechas a quarter-mile high, and a very very large number of dogs.

Katanagatari #4: Sword Tale – Nisio Isin

From the pen of the author of the legendary MONOGATARI novels comes another unique offering, available in English for the first time! The basis of an animated series, KATANAGATARI brings to life a swordless “swordsman” and a self-described “schemer” who embark on a quest to obtain twelve peculiar masterpiece blades. Unveiling the truth about the legendary katanas and their creator as part of a gorgeous tapestry of fates that vie to upend history itself, this hardcover edition, featuring a gatefold color insert, beautiful interior art, and copious bilingual footnotes, is the last of a quartet collecting a best-selling series from the former homeland of samurais and ninjas. Brimming with action, romance, and unexpected wisdom, often as tongue-in-cheek as The Princess Bride, and shot through with ninjas, samurais, and secret moves, Sword Tale is Musashi for a new generation and a gift for any fan of adventure.

The Lion and the Unicorn (Ark Royal #15) – Christopher Nuttall

The war isn’t going well.

In five years of heavy fighting, humanity and its alien allies have steadily been pushed back towards Earth, towards the very heart of humanity itself. The virus is steadily wearing the defences down, mounting campaign after campaign to infect and enslave every other alien race. The only hope rests with newer and better weapons, with technology that may turn the tide, but can the weapons and starships be deployed in time?

HMS Lion and HMS Unicorn are two new ships, designed to take the war to the enemy and tip the balance of power in humanity’s favour. But with untested technology, clashes between their commanding officers and trouble below decks, they may find themselves facing more than they can handle …

… And the odds of coming home are very low.

Mist Dragon (The Dragon Misfits #5) – D. K. Holmberg

The dragon misfits are the key to saving the dragons of Lorach but they must act before a stranger destroys them.

Jason has secured a tentative peace for Dragon Haven. With his control over illusion, and the Lorach threat thwarted for now, his time is spent preparing for the next attack, knowing the Dragon Souls will not be easily stopped.

An old ally to Dragon Haven returns, but Jason questions his motives—along with his techniques. Now Jason must choose whether to stop the Dragon Souls or save them.

Stopping Lorach for good might mean destroying the captured dragons. It’s a choice Jason fears to make, but doing otherwise means betraying those who have come to rely upon him.

The Soldier: The X-Ship – Vaughn Heppner

After endless years of fighting in a galaxy-wide war, the most decorated super-soldier of the Old Federation was granted leave, sliding into a stasis tube aboard a sleeper ship. The ship never reached its port, while the soldier woke up a thousand years later on an operating table.

The Old Federation was gone, most planets hurled back into the Stone Age. A devastated Earth used spies instead of spaceships to compete against the tougher richer worlds.

The Director of Earth had doctors suppress the super-soldier’s memories, giving him an undercover identity and mission: grab advanced technology from a prohibited planet before anyone else could and bring it back to Earth.

The soldier turned spy felt desperately lost, alone and out of place. There were no familiar faces. But an intense sense of duty drove him headlong into danger. And yet…and yet…there was something more, something missing that he increasingly wanted to know.

So began The Soldier’s odyssey in a future time that would change the destiny of the universe.

The Stars Asunder (The Aryshan War #2) – Jon del Arroz

A deep conspiracy upends a civilization…

…which could cost the lives of billions.

The war rages on between Earth and Arysha, even after the death of a prominent Aryshan leader.

Sean Barrows is sent into Aryshan space a second time to gain details on their fleet movements and objectives, but he has a greater goal in mind: find the love of his life. But a major threat looms for everyone: a new fleet of Aryshan ships which can go unseen and launch deadly stealth attacks. Can two civilizations survive?

Zero.Hero – J. D. Astra

The greatest Heroes have already fallen…

Now it’s up to Claire and her ragtag crew of Zeroes to save the city.

Low-ranked contractors Claire, Elise, Norah, and Piper dream of making it to the top twenty with the Stewards of Light, but their weird RPG powers have them trapped near the bottom instead. Balancing college, part-time jobs, and family matters leaves the girls without much time to fight crime and grind out the experience they need to climb the ranks.

When a new threat emerges, the gamer girls are left standing in a city turned upside down with no hero to save them. The underclassmen are outclassed, but they’re also the only ones who can stop the spread of chaos. Claire and her friends will have to unravel the mess with clever teamwork and determination, and find the top-rank heroes in themselves to save the city before it falls into darkness.

Wretched Son – Jon Mollison

The hum of rubber tires on hot and dangerous roads.

The white dotted line between life and death.

A young boy’s fight to chart a route to manhood.

Take a ride through a different sort of apocalypse. A world on the verge of forging a better tomorrow, or repeating all the same old mistakes.

And the fate of the world to come rests on the shoulders of a young boy as uncertain of his future as the world in which he fights to survive.

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